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Agricultural Economics Quiz 1


Agricultural Economics Quiz 1

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A particular set of institutional arrangement and a coordinating mechanism is___________________?

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The process of improving the quality of all human lives including sustenance, self esteem and freedom________________?

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In ___________________ we avoid value judgments and focus on facts?

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A compensation device through which workers receive part of their pay in the form of share of their employer?s profit___________________?

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Total money income received by the individual or recipients of income is called____________________?

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Total amount of income necessary to raise everyone who is below the poverty line up to that line ?

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The percentage of labour force unemployment at any time__________________?

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An accounting item which increase the value of an asset___________________?

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In developed countries manufactured goods are about ________________% of total export?

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Discount rate that causes a project to have a net present value of zero used to rank projects in comparison with market rates of interest?

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Building of new factories in particular nation by corporations of other nations ?

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A rise in the general level of prices in an economy___________________?

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Meaningful statement about the economic behavior or the economy is called_______________________?

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What percentage of Agriculture in GDP?

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The sale of products below sale of production in a foreign country or below the prices charged at home is called ?

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A deliberate effort to replace major consumer imports by promoting the emergence and expansion of domestic industries such as textile, shoes etc ?

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country?s potential for economic growth is greatly influenced by its endowments of__________________?

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Technologies that by design produce less waste and use resources more efficiently ?

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The implicit change in real income resulting from the effects of a change in a commodity?s price on quantity demand?

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The households and the business firms of the economy are called__________________?

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An increase either in real output (GDP) or in real output per capita is called___________________?

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The rate of exchange of one nation?s currency for another nation?s currency?

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Proportion of school aged children who don?t complete a particular school cycle ?

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Urban population in LDC?s_________________?

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Year number of deaths per 1,000 population is called?

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A type of unemployment used by workers voluntarily changing jobs and by temporary layoffs; unemployment workers between jobs?

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From of central bank that issues domestic currency for foreign exchange at fixed rates ?

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The core value of development is________________?

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Employment available resources so that the maximum amount of goods and services is produced?

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A bank which lends to developing nations to help them increase their capital stock and this achieve economic growth ?

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Gradual pay off a loan principle ?

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A benefit or cost from production or consumption accruing without compensation to non buyers and non/sellers of the product is called_________________?

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The determination by the state, of what shall be produced and how factors of production shall be allocated among different uses ?

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A good used together with another good is___________________?

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The private ownership of resources and use of a system of market and prices to coordinate and direct economic activity________________?

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A demand curve shifts because of change is_____________________?

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A market in which money of one nation can be used to purchase the money of other nation is called____________________?

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An individuals demand curve is down sloping because_____________________?

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Rates of open unemployment in developing world average ?

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In less developed nations economic dependency burden is__________________?

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Excess utility over price derived by the consumers because of negative sloping demand curve ?

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An industry in which economics profits are negative and which will, therefore, decrease its output as firms leave it ?

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The use of foreign currency as a medium of exchange in place of or long with the local currency e.g. (Mdexican Pesos)___________________?

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Determinant of supply is__________________?

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The annual amount that a borrower must pay a lender over an above the total borrowed ?

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The total amount by the federal govt. of the owner of the govt. securities is called___________________?

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The branch of economics which analyze govt. revenues and expenditures is__________________?

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All seem fully employed but in reality much of their time is spent in unproductive activities?

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A summary statement of a nations financial transactions with the outside world ?

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A household?s or firm?s income in the form of goods or services ?

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