B2B Marketing Career
Key Skills for a B2B Marketing Career
Introduction If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re considering a career in B2B...
What is MQL
What is MQL? Differences from SQL and their significance
MQL is a word that means “hot prospects created by the marketing department”. It is often...
What is BDR
What is BDR? Meaning, difference from SDR and success method
Inside sales have been attracting attention recently due to the acceleration of online sales due to the...
What is lead generation
What is lead generation? Specific methods and how to use MA tools
Lead generation is the process of acquiring potential customers. It means the process of getting your...
What is marketing psychology
What is marketing psychology? Introducing 11 techniques and how to use them
If you study psychology, which approaches people’s deep psychology, you will understand the needs...
Core Concept of Marketing
What Is Core Concept of Marketing? 8 Core Marketing Concepts
Marketing is a word that has a vast practical meaning. For example, the word marketing means a management...