Agricultural Economics Quiz 4


Agricultural Economics Quiz 4

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determinants of demand are some times referred as__________________________?

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An industry in which expansion through the entry of firms decreases the prices, firms in the industry must pay for resources and there fore decreases their production costs ?

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?The tricks of economic growth and development are simply a matter of increasing national savings and investment.? Is a simplest form of?

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Selling public assets to individuals or private business interests ?

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The process of deriving principles is called___________________?

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A simplified picture of economic reality, an abstract generalization ?

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Increase in the price level at a rate greater than expected ?

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Noble prize of Economics in 1979 was awarded to________________?

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The ability of Market forces to synchronize selling and buying decision to eliminate potential surpluses and shortages is known as_________________?

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People both rural and urban who are working less than they could___________________?

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A legally determined price above the equilibrium price is__________________?

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A curve showing the distribution of income in an economy___________________?

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A type of unemployment caused by insufficient total spending___________________?

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An involuntary payment of money to govt. by a household or firm for which the household or firm receives no good or services directly in return ?

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An organization which employs resources to produce a good or service for profit and own and operates one or more plants is called_______________?

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Legally established maximum price of a good or service__________________?

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A tax levied on the cost of a board group of products______________________?

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The body of knowledge and techniques which can be used to produce goods and service from economic resources is________________?

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Upward shift of the demand curve is due to_________________?

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__________________provides an overview of the operation of the capitalist system ?

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Urban migration is causing the labour force to grow at annual rates of _____________in LDC?

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An analytic approach in which we move from general to particular from theory to facts is_________________?

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Using part of income/saving for more income is called_________________?

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A payment of funds by a govt. firm or house hold for which it receives no goods or services in return?

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A market in which products are sold by firms and bought by households is_________________?

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A film on economics in which economists study and observe the details of an economic unit or a very small judgment of economy is__________________?

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Advantage that occurs to individual or society as a whole as a result of increase in the consumption of certain types of goods or services by other individuals ?

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An asset set aside for future use is termed as_______________________?

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A decrease in the governmentally defined value of currency ____________________?

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?Wealth of nations? was written by_________________?

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A firm which engages in in the busyness of banking_________________?

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The emigration of highly skilled and educated professionals and technical man power from developing to developed countries?

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A market in which products households sell and firms buy resources or the services of resources is__________________?

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Power of a good/ service to satisfy human desire/want is called____________________?

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Cetris peribus stands for__________________?

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The study process by which a productive capacity of the economy is increased over time to bring about raising levels of national output and income?

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Transfer of funds to a foreign country by a local citizen by business ?

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Hitler introduced ?

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The attainment of literacy, arithmetic competence and elementary vocational skills ?

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Any system that features one price for sellers and another for buyers ?

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Total number of monetary units received by a firm from the sale of a product is called___________________?

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Cooperation among unification of the economies of different nations is termed as_____________________?

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The increasing integration of national economies into expanding international market ?

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An agreement among sellers of a commodity to set a common price or share their commodity market?

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The investment of private foreign funds in the economy of a developing nation?

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The sum of interest payments and repayment of principal on external public and public ally guarantee debt?

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The intersection of the supply curve and demand curve indicates ?

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The use of the resources of an individual or firm, a region, or a nation to produce one or a few goods and services ?

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The amount by which a nation?s import of goods (or goods and services) exceeds its export of goods or goods and services is________________?

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Opportunity cost is illustrated by the___________________?

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