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Agricultural Economics Quiz 5


Agricultural Economics Quiz 5

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The transfer of savings from developing countries to industrially advanced countries to avoid govt. expropriation, taxation and high rates of inflation is_________________?

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Private or public debt owed to foreign citizens firms and institutions ?

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When price for one and demand for other move in same direction we say them___________________?

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Productive investments embodied in human persons?

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The demand schedule or the demand curve of all buyers of a good or service is called____________________?

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A supply curve shifts because of change in_____________________?

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The extreme case of physical resource endowment is ________________?

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Activities of central bank designed to influence financial variables such as money supply and interest rates?

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Obtaining the socially optimal amounts of goods and services using minimum necessary resources ?

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Agriculture contribution in GNP of developing nations ?

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Stocks of commodities held by the countries or international organizations to moderate the commodities price fluctuations ?

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Situation in which govt. intervention in an economy worsens outcomes__________________?

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A debit which monitory value, an amount awed by a firm or an individual___________________?

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The activity of buying or selling with the motive of later reselling or re buying for profit is called ?

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In least developed nations dependent children are__________________?

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Problems that occur to the individuals or society as a whole as a result of the unpopular consumption habits. Of another individual e.g drug addiction ?

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The sacrifice of some or all one economic goal, good, or services to achieve some other goal, good or service is called__________________?

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The total revenue of a film less all its economic costs is called_____________________?

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The study of how economies are transformed from stagnation to growth and from low income to higher income status?

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The part of the urban economy of LDC?s characterized by small competitive individual or family firms, labour intensive methods, free entry and market determined factor and product prices?

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Agriculture contribution in GNP of developing nations?

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A group of firms which produces identical or similar products__________________?

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All international changes in ownership of merchandise passing across the customs borders of trading countries?

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The responsiveness of the quantity demand of a commodity to change in the consumer?s income, measured by the proportionate change in quantity divided by the proportionate change in income ?

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?All LDC?s require to take off into a period of self-sustaining economic growth is a massive investment program designed to promote rapid industrialization and the building up of economic infrastructure.? ?

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Stage of growth model development was porposed by____________________?

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Excess of total revenue over total costs_______________?

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?Economics is the study of causes of material welfare? was defined by___________________?

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Changes in govt. spending and tax collection designed to achieve a full employment and non-inflationary domestic out put is called___________________?

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An interest bearing deposit which normally can be withdrawn by the depositor at any time ?

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An essentially risk free, long term interest rate which is free of the influence of market imperfections?

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Failure to use all available economic resources to produce goods and services is called__________________?

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A measure of the real purchasing power of the community ?

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An ownership share in a corporation___________________?

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An organization of producers agreeing to limit the output of their product in an effort to raise prices and profit ?

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