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Chemical Engineering Basics Quiz 2


Chemical Engineering Basics Quiz 2

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A material being tested for endurance strength is subjected to the ________ load ?

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Alumina, silica, lime and iron oxide are the basic raw material for the manufacture of Portland cement. The component of Portland cement which first hardens is_______?

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A fluid is termed as the Newtonian fluid, when the shear stress is __________ the velocity gradient ?

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A fire tube boiler is limited to a maximum steam pressure of about _______ kg/cm2 ?

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All the atoms of the world comprise of electrons, proton & neutron except that of _______ atom in which neutron is absent ?

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A furnace is made of a refractory brick wall of thickness 0.5 metre and thermal conductivity 0.7 W/m.?K For the same temperature drop and heat loss, this refractory wall can be replaced by a layer of diatomaceous earth of thermal conductivity 0.14 W/m.K and thickness _______ metre?

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A pycnometer is used for the measurement of__________?

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A compact estimate about the amount of materials handling between various work stations is obtained from the_______?

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A jig is used while ___________ a hole?

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Alcohols are not suitable as diesel engine fuel because the cetane number of alcohols is______?

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Addition of ________ to steel does not help in improving its machinability ?

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A material is capable of resisting softening at high temperature, because of its property termed as______?

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Absolute zero, pressure will occur, when the molecular momentum of the system becomes zero. A liquid will cease to exist as liquid at_________?

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A steam pipe is intended to be insulated with two layers of insulating materials of different thermal conductivities. For minimum heat transfer to take place__________?

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A metal having a Poisson?s ratio = 0.3 is elastically deformed under uniaxial tension. If the longitudinal strain = 0.8, then the magnitude of thickness strain is_________?

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A semi-conductor is damaged & behaves like a conductor, on passing a strong electric current through it, because it heats up the crystals & breaks the covalent bonds resulting in ________ electrons ?

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A cylindrical rod subjected to a tensile strain within the elastic limit undergoes a volume change. If the volume strain is equal to half the tensile strain, then the Poisson?s ratio of the rod is_____?

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Ammonia leakage in the refrigeration system is detected by__________?

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All of the following alloying elements of steel increases hardness but sacrifice ductility, except_________?

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A gas which is collected over water becomes moistened due to water vapor, exerts its own partial pressure at the gas temperature, which is termed as its________?

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Air/fuel ratio on molar (volume) basis for combustion of methane with theoretical quantity of air with be_________?

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Absolute zero pressure can be attained at a temperature of_____?

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Addition of ______ to steel does not help in improving its machinability?

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Aluminium is extracted from______?

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A reduction in thermal resistance during heat transfer does not occur in the_____?

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A solar cell converts the sunlight directly into _______ energy?

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According to maximum shear stress failure criterion, yielding in material occurs, when the maximum shear stress is equal to ________ times the yield stress ?

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Alloys having more than 80% copper are generally more________?

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According to thermodynamic Fahrenheit scale, the fundamental interval between ice point to steam point is___________?

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A material in which the atoms are arranged regularly in some directions but not in others, is termed as ?mesomorphous material?; an example of which is__________?

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A solid aluminium ball, when quenched in a water bath maintained at 40?C, cools down from 550?C to 450?C in 20 seconds. The expected temperature of the ball after next 20 seconds may be about ______ ?C?

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Alloying elements present in Haynes stellite, which has superior performance than high speed steel, are______?

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Age hardening is connected with_________?

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Ammonia gas can be dried by_____?

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A dummy activity is used in PERT network to describe the_______?

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Air standard Otto cycle is more efficient than the diesel cycle for the same___________?

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Air-petrol ratio in an automotive petrol engine is around _________?

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Air/fuel ratio by weight for combustion of methane with theoretical quantity of air will be about ______?

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A highly elastic material is deformed least on loading and retains its original form on removal of the load. Which of the following is the most elastic material ?

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A spring material should have low___________?

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A high pressure boiler generates steam at a pressure greater than _______ kg/cm2 ?

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Addition of _______ to steel does not impart hardness?

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A material being tested for endurance strength is subjected to the ______ load?

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Alloy powder manufactured by the following process have spherical shapes ?

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A particle is settling in a liquid under Stokesian conditions. The free falling velocity of the particle is proportional to______?

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A material subjected _________ must have high resilience?

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A dense structure of grinding wheel is not used for the_______?

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A jet engine turbine blade is normally manufactured by______?

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A form of stress corrosion failure termed as ?season cracking? is generally observed in ___________?

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