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Chemical Environmental Engineering Quiz 1


Chemical Environmental Engineering Quiz 1

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Direct reaction of unsaturated hydrocarbons with either NO or NO2 produces an eye irritating pollutant compound known as_________?

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Deaeration of high pressure boiler feed water is done to reduce _____?

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_______ cannot control the noise pollution ?

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Disinfection of water is done to remove ________?

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_______ content of the phosphate rock is the pollutant of primary interest in a phosphatic fertiliser plant ?

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CFC (chloro fluoro carbon) is very highly reactive in causing depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere. Each atom of chlorine liberated from CFC is capable of decomposing _________ molecules of ozone?

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Aerobic biological oxidation ponds used for the purification of polluted water___________?

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Ethanolamine is an absorbent used for the removal of ______ from air/gas?

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_____ substances present in sewage are removed in grit chamber during sewage treatment?

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A considerable part of the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sum does not reach the earth surface, because of the fact that, there is a layer of ______ high above earth?s atmosphere, which absorbs it?

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?Pneumoconiosis? is a disease caused by the inhalation of _______ dust?

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Black smoke coming out of the chimney of a furnace is an indication of the use of _______ in the furnace?

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Biological oxidation ponds remove organic matters present in the polluted water by ________?

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Disinfection of water is done to destroy pathogenic bacteria and thus prevent water-borne diseases. Disinfection of water may be done by the use of__________?

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Aerodynamic noise resulting from turbulent gas flow is the most prevalent source of valve noise in fluid flow control. It is caused due to__________?

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Dust collection efficiency of a cyclone separator depends upon its_______?

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Carcinogenic air pollutants cause___________?

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80% less than 200 mesh size particles are called______?

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COD of raw municipal sewage may be in the range of about ______ mg/litre?

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A gas is termed as non-toxic, if its maximum permissible concentration (TLV) ranges from _______ ppm?

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Brown spots in fabrics will be caused by washing with water containing large amount of_____?

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Bag filter design is predominantly dependent on gas temperature, as it affects the gas density & viscosity and the selection of filtering material. The pressure drop in a bag filter is___________?

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______ plant emits large amount of SO2 as an air pollutant?

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A shallow pond in which the sewage is retained and biologically treated is called___________?

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A man exposed to excessive noise level in the working environment may suffer from______?

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Color test of water is done with an instrument called___________?

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5-200 ?m size particles are called___________?

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BOD of raw municipal sewage may be in the range of about ______ mg/litre?

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A ?body? which allows the short wavelength incoming solar radiation to enter in, but does not allow long wave length outgoing infra red radiation to escape out is called the_________?

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Bacterial aerobic oxidation of polluted water in biological oxidation ponds is done to purify it. Presence of bacteria helps in______?

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Carbonaceous particles having size less than 1 ?m are called_____?

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Atmospheric pollution caused by the exhaust gas of supersonic transport air-crafts is mostly in the atmospheric region called_________?

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?Safe limit? called Threshold Limit Value (TLV) of carbon monoxide in atmospheric air is < 50 ppm. The main source of carbon monoxide pollutant in air is the______?

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During sewage treatment, the sewage is subjected to _______ treatment in Imhoff tank?

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Aerosols present in atmospheric air may be___________?

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As per the world health organisation (WHO) specification, the maximum permissible concentration (i.e., TLV) of particulate matter in air is ______ ?g/m3.(?g-microgram)?

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Death may occur, when SO2 concentration in atmospheric air exceeds _______ ppm?

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During which of the following operating conditions of an automobile, carbon monoxide content in the exhaust gas is maximum ?

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Beyond what concentration of H2S in air, acute danger to human life exists ?

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A standard test for determination of hardness in water is termed as _______ test?

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Dissolved oxygen content in river water is around ______ ppm?

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Automobile exhaust is passed through two compartments catalytic converter employing platinum as catalyst for_____?

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Carbon monoxide is a pollutant, which causes__________?

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Corrosion in boilers can be prevented by __________?

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Acute danger to human life (i.e. death) exists, if the concentration of CO2 in atmospheric air exceeds _______ percent (by volume)?

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A masonry structure built below ground level, where biochemical reaction takes place due to anaerobic bacteria is called_____?

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_______ is the process of killing organism in water ?

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Arsenic pollutant is not generated in ________ industries?

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_____ is removed from water by lime-soda process?

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?Particulate? air pollutants are finely divided solids and liquids. Which of the following is not a ?particulate? ?

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