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Chemical Environmental Engineering Quiz 4


Chemical Environmental Engineering Quiz 4

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Shouting by a man at his full voice corresponds to a voice level of about ______ decibels?

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Sound produced by an automobile horn heard at a distance of 1.5 metres corresponds to about _______ decibels?

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Scale formation in boiler is controlled by______?

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Replenishment of dissolved oxygen in water stream polluted with industrial waste occurs by_________?

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Septic tanks are used for the _______ of the deposited solids?

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Presence of nitrogen and phosphorous in waste water discharged into lakes and ponds causes________?

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Siderosis is a disease caused by the inhalation of _______ dust?

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Suspended solid present in the waste water generated in blast furnace gas cooling and cleaning plant is removed by___________?

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The detrimental effect on organism and water quality with temperature rise of aquatic system is the reduction of ______ of water?

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The concentration of water vapour in troposphere, which depends upon the altitude & temperature, varies in the range of zero to _______ percent?

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The Killer gas which caused Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984 was_________?

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The maximum CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere by__________?

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Presence of a certain minimum quantity of fluorine is desirable in potable water to prevent_____?

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Radioactive substances present in the polluted water stream can be removed by__________?

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The earth?s atmosphere is an envelope of gases present upto a height of about _______ kms?

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The effect of increase in carbon dioxide level of the atmosphere and its profound effect on our climate is called the _________?

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The lowest layer of atmosphere is known as the_______?

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Smoke is produced due to___________?

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The average thickness of ozone layer in stratosphere is about ________ dobson unit (DU)?

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Removal of _______ results from the disinfection of water?

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The main industrial source of emission of hydrogen sulphide air pollutant is_________?

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Presence of iron and manganese in water causes_____?

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The biological decomposition of organic substances in wastes controlled conditions is called__________?

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The destruction of water-borne pathogens is termed as disinfection of water. Which of the following is a water disinfectant ?

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The major reason of hydrodynamic noise (i.e., noise resulting from liquid flow) is__________?

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Sooty and sulphurous smog formed due to combustion of fossil fuels particularly in winter, continues throughout the day and night. When the moist atmospheric air?s water vapor condenses on the solid particles of smoke thereby forming smog (smoke + fog), it causes__________?

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The main type of sludge gas evolved during sewage treatment in Imhoff tank is_____?

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The amount of chemical coagulant added for treatment of polluted water _______ with increase in temperature of the polluted water to be treated?

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Radioactive solid nuclear wastes are disposed off by __________?

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Presence of carbon monoxide in atmosphere produced by decomposition of chlorophyll and haemoglobin breakdown of some animals, beyond TLV (>50 ppm) ?

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Sulphur dioxide present in the industrial chimney exhaust gases causes______?

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The common pollutant generated in chlor-alkali industry and battery manufacture is _____?

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Presence of soluble organics in polluted water causes__________?

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The maximum permissible noise level to which a man working in a chemical plant can be exposed for eight hours per day is about _____ decibels?

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Presence of bacteria in potable (drinking) water causes__________?

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Ringelmann chart is used for the evaluation of ______ pollution?

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Presence of high concentration of ozone and smog in atmospheric air causes the ___________?

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Presence of dissolved impurities of _______ is responsible for the red brownish color of water?

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Soluble silica present in boiler feed water can be removed by________?

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Salt content in sea water is about _______ percent?

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The density of the gases (present in air) decreases with increasing altitude to such an extent, that about 70% of the mass of atmospheric air is found in the lower 5 km. of the atmosphere. This lower region of atmosphere is called the__________?

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The most commonly used chemical coagulant in water treatment is_________?

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Presence of excess fluorine in water causes___________?

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Presence of ______ hardness is responsible for the temporary hardness in water?

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Presence of nitrogen in high concentration in contaminated air reduces partial pressure of oxygen in lungs, thereby causing asphyxia (suffocation) leading to death from oxygen deficiency. Concentration of N2 in contaminated air at which it acts as a natural asphyxiate is ? ______ percent?

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Ringelmann chart No. 2 corresponds to ________ percent black smoke?

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The main pollutant in waste water discharged from a petroleum refinery is oil (both in free and emulsified form). Free oil is removed by__________?

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Presence of nitrates in water in excess of 50 ppm causes_________?

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The function of skimming tank in sewage treatment is to remove ______ substances?

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Smog is ________?

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