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Chemical Reaction Quiz 1


Chemical Reaction Quiz 1

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A catalyst is said to be a negative catalyst, if it _____?

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A plug-flow reactor is characterized by _______?

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A photochemical reaction is ________?

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A batch reactor is________?

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A reaction in which one of the products of reaction acts as a catalyst is called a/an _______ reaction?

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A catalyst in a chemical reaction ________ free energy change in the reaction?

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?If the catalyst pore size is small in comparison with the mean free path, collisions with the pore wall controls the process?. The diffusivity under this condition is called ?Knudsen diffusivity?, which is affected by the_______?

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A back mix reactor is_____?

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A batch reactor suffers from following disadvantage ?

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A catalyst loses its activity due to___________?

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A balanced chemical reaction equation conforms to the law of_________?

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A reaction which is catalysed by a base is catalysed by all substances which have a tendency to_________?

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A chemical reaction is of zero order, when the reaction rate is (where, CA = concentration of reactant) ?

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A reactor is generally termed as an autoclave, when it is a_______?

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A first order gaseous phase reaction is catalysed by a non-porous solid. The kinetic rate constant and the external mass transfer co-efficients are k and kg respectively. The effective rate constant (keff) is given by_________?

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A first order reaction is to be treated in a series of two mixed reactors. The total volume of the two reactors is minimum, when the reactors are_______?

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A backmix reactor__________?

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_______ explains the mechanism of catalysis?

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_______ catalytic reaction is involved in the thermal cracking of gas oil ?

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A first order reaction requires two equal sized CSTR. The conversion is______?

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A chemical reaction, A ? 3B, is conducted in a constant pressure vessel. Starting with pure A, the volume of the reaction mixture increases 3 times in 6 minutes. The fractional conversion is _____?

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A chemical reaction occurs, when the energy of the reacting molecules is _________ the activation energy of reaction?

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A first order reaction A ? B occurs in an isothermal porous catalyst pellet of spherical shape. If the concentration of A at the centre of the pellet is much less than at the external surface, the process is limited by___________?

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A liquid phase reaction is to be carried out under isothermal conditions. The reaction rate as a function of conversion has been determined experimentally and is shown in the figure given below. What choice of reactor or combination of reactors will require the minimum overall reactor volume, if a conversion of 0.9 is desired ?

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A pollutant P degrades according to first order kinetics. An aqueous stream containing P at 2 kmole/m3 and volumetric flow rate 1m3 /h requires a mixed flow reactor of volume V to bring down the pollutant level to 0.5 kmole/m3. The inlet concentration of the pollutant is now doubled and the volumetric flow rate is tripled. If the pollutant level is to be brought down to the same level of 0.5 k.mole/m3, the volume of the mixed flow reactor should be increased by a factor of________?

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A first order reaction requires two unequal sized CSTR. Which of the following gives higher yield ?

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_________ resistance is not involved in the combustion of a carbon particle?

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A liquid decomposes by irreversible first order kinetics and the half life period of this reaction is 8 minutes. The time required for 75% conversion of the liquid will be ______ minutes?

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A photochemical reaction is ________ light?

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A first order homogeneous reaction of the type X ? Y ? Z (consecutive reaction) is carried out in a CSTR. Which of the following curves respectively show the variation of the concentration of X, Y and Z with time ?

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A multiple reaction may be classified as a _________ reaction?

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6 gm of carbon is burnt with an amount of air containing 18 gm oxygen. The product contains 16.5 gms CO2 and 2.8 gms CO besides other constituents. What is the degree of conversion on the basis of disappearance of limiting reactant ?

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A reaction which is catalysed by an acid is also catalysed by any substance, which has a tendency to __________?

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A catalyst promoter__________?

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A catalyst inhibitor______?

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A gaseous reactant is introduced in a mixed reactor of 3 litres volume at the rate of 1 litre/second. The space time is _______ seconds?

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A reversible liquid phase endothermic reaction is to be carried out in a plug flow reactor. For minimum reactor volume, it should be operated such that the temperature along the length ?

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?Unreacted core model? represents the reaction involving ________?

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A catalyst________?

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A high space velocity means that a given___________?

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A non-catalytic chemical reaction of the type as shown in the bellow figure is called a ______ reaction?

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A batch reactor is characterised by ______?

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A Catalyst ______?

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?n? number of plug flow reactors (P.F.R) in series with a total volume ?V? gives the same conversion as one P.F.R. of volume_________?

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A batch reactor is suitable for___________?

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A catalyst in a chemical reaction______?

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A pulse tracer is introduced in an ideal CSTR (with a mean residence time I) at time, t = 0. The time taken for the exit concentration of the tracer to reach half of its initial value will be___________?

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_______ is the response curve for a step input signal from a reactor ?

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?N? plug flow reactors in series with a total volume ?V? gives the same conversion as a single plug flow reactor of volume ?V? for ________ order reactions?

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A first order irreversible reaction, A ? B is carried out separately in a constant volume as well as in a variable volume reactor for a particular period. It signifies that ______ in the two reactors?

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