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Chemical Reaction Quiz 2


Chemical Reaction Quiz 2

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Effectiveness factor of a catalyst pellet is a measure of the __________ resistance?

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Arrhenius equation represents graphically the variation between the _______ and temperature?

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An irreversible first order reaction is being carried out in a CSTR and PFR of same volume. The liquid flow rates are same. The relative conversion will___________?

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Carbon particles accumulated on the catalyst used in the gas oil cracking lies in the category of _______ poison?

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An exothermic reaction takes place in an adiabatic reactor. The product temperature _______ reactor feed temperature?

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Concentration of the limiting reactant (with initial concentration of a moles/litre) after time t is (a-x). Then ?t? for a first order reaction is given by______?

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Design of heterogamous catalytic reactor involves consideration of ________ steps?

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An irreversible aqueous phase reaction, A + B ? P, is carried out in an adiabatic mixed flow reactor. A feed containing 4kmole/m3 of each A and B enters the reactor at 8m3 /hr. If the temperature of the exit stream is never to exceed 390 K, what is the maximum inlet feed temperature allowed? Data: Heat of reaction = ? 50 kJ/mole Density of the reacting mixture = 1000kg/m3 Specific heat of reacting mixture = 2kJ/kg.K The above data can be assumed to be independent of temperature and composition?

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A rise in temperature ________?

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Effectiveness factor E. of a catalyst pellet is defined as, E = (actual rate within pore of the catalyst)/(rate if not snowed by pore diffusion), Effectiveness factor for a first order reaction is given by (where, T = Thiele modulus) _____?

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Arrhenius equation shows the variation of _____ with temperature?

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According to Arrhenius equation of temperature dependency of rate constant for an elementary reaction __________?

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BET apparatus is used to determine the _____?

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Brunauer, Emmet and Teller (BET) equation is used to determine the specific surface area of a porous particle but not the pore volume & the porosity of the catalyst bed. Which of the following postulates is not used to derive BET equation ?

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As the chemical reaction proceeds, the rate of reaction _____?

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During manufacture of H2SO4, the oxidation of SO2 to SO3 by oxygen is an endothermic reaction. The yield of SO3 will be maximised, if the _______?

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Calcination reaction of limestone (CaCO3 ? CaO + CO2) goes to completion in the rotary kiln, because______?

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A typical example of an exothermic reversible reaction conducted at high pressure in industry is______?

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An endothermic aqueous phase first order irreversible reaction is carried out in an adiabatic plug flow reactor. The rate of reaction ?

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Bulk diffusion in catalyst pore ________ with increase in pressure?

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Catalyst carriers_____?

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An imbalanced chemical reaction equation is against the law of_________?

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BET apparatus_________?

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A stirred tank reactor compared to tubular-flow reactor provides______?

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An isothermal irreversible reaction is being carried out in an ideal tubular flow reactor. The conversion in this case will _______ with decrease in space time?

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Catalyst is a substance, which _________ chemical reaction?

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Effective diffusivity (DE) in a catalyst pellet is related to molecular diffusivity (DN) and Knudsen diffusivity (DK) as__________?

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Batch process is preferred over continuous process, when the_____?

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Cold shot cooling is only practical when the feed temperature is _______ than the reaction temperature?

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Conversion increases with increase in temperature in case of a/an _______ reaction?

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According to the ?law of mass action?, the rate of reaction is directly proportional to the___________?

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Chemical kinetics can predict the ________ of a chemical reaction?

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Autocatalytic reactions are best carried out in a__________?

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A space velocity of 5 hr-1 means that _____?

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A space time of 3 hours for a flow reactor means that_____?

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An endothermic second order reaction is carried out in an adiabatic plug flow reactor. The rate of heat generation is _____?

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An isothermal aqueous phase reversible reaction, P ? R, is to be carried out in a mixed flow reactor. The reaction rate in k.mole/m3 .h is given by, r = 0.5CP ? 0.125CR. A stream containing only P enters the reactor. The residence time required (in hours) for 40% conversion of P is__________?

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An autothermal reactor is__________?

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A trickle bed reactor is the one, which__________?

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Differential method for analysing the kinetic data is used _____?

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At a given value of E/R (ratio of activation energy and gas constant), the ratio of the rate constants at 500?K and 400?K is 2, if Arrhenius law is used. What will be this ratio, if transition state theory is used with the same value of ?E/R? ?

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Backmixing is most predominant in_____?

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Considering the endothermic dissociation of CaCO3 in a closed vessel (CaCO3 ? CaO + CO2), the pressure of CO2 increases, if______?

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Catalytic action in a catalytic chemical reaction follows from the ability of catalyst to change the _____?

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Chemical reaction rate of a component depends upon the________?

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Collision theory gives the rate constant for bimolecular reaction as_____?

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At a given temperature, K1, K2 and K3 are equilibrium constants for the following reactions 1, 2, 3 respectively. CH4(g) + H2O(g) ? CO(g) + 3H2(g), CO(g) + H2O(g) ? CO2(g) + H2(g) CH4(g) + 2H2O(g) ? CO2(g) + 4H2(g) Then K1, K2 and K3 are related as ?

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An example of autothermal reactor operation is________?

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A second order liquid phase reaction, A ? B, is carried out in a mixed flow reactor operated in semi batch mode (no exit stream). The reactant A at concentration CAF is fed to the reactor at a volumetric flow rate of F. The volume of the reacting mixture is V and the density of the liquid mixture is constant. The mass balance for A is_________?

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Decomposition rate of a liquid ?X? which decomposes as per the reaction as shown in the bellow figure is given by_________?

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