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CS607 Final Term Quiz 2


CS607 Final Term Quiz 2

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Another expert system named___________was developed by Digital Equipment Corporation, as a computer configuration assistant.

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Decision trees give us disjunctions of conjunctions, that is, they have the form: (A AND B) _______ (C AND D).

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In all calculations involving Entropy we define _________ to be ______

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IF temperature is below 0 THEN weather is cold The above rule is used to represent _______

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Hypothesis space uses the ________________ of the attributes.

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Hill Climbing is basically a ------------- with a measure of quality that is assigned to each node in the tree.

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If there are multiple parts to the antecedent, apply fuzzy logic _________ and resolve the antecedent to a single number between 0 and 1.

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Answering the Sequence Problem need

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Identify the step involved in planning phase.

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Identify the statement which best defines fuzzy sets.

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In ANNs, MSE is known as

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Identify the correct step used to start design of an expert system.

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By getting grips on ___________ that deal with searching techniques in graphs and trees, problem solving can be performed in an efficient manner.

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Choose the fields in which Fuzzy inference systems have been successfully applied:

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In adversarial search there may occur such a scenario where two opponents also called _____ are searching for goal.

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From discipline of _____________ we have the tools and techniques to investigate the human mind and ways to represent the resulting theories

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Fuzzy logic is a superset of _____________ logic.

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Expert system technique where a hypothesis is given at the beginning and the inference engine proceeds to ask the user questions about selected facts until the hypothesis is either confirmed or denied

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IF A THEN B This can be considered to have a similar logical meaning as the following:

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Identify the sets in which Member function is used.

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Genetic Algorithms is a search method in which multiple search paths are followed in _______

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Each neuron in the hidden layer is responsible for a different _______.

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From discipline ____________ we have information about the network structure of a human brain and all the theories on functionalities of different human organs.

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Conventional programming focuses on _______, while ES programming focuses on ________

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Breadth-first search is a good idea when you are confident that the branching factor is_____

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