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CS607 Final Term Quiz 4


CS607 Final Term Quiz 4

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The foothhill problem occurs whenever there are___________ peaks.

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Which one is not the?application?area of expert system?

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Try to catch out own thoughts as they go by is

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The traveling inside solution space requires something called

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The traveling inside a solution space requires something called as ___________

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The first step of FIND-S is to initialize h to the most specific hypothesis in __________: h = < ? , ? >

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The Entropy is 1 when the collection contains number of positive examples _______ to/than negative examples.

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the input of aggrigation is the list of truncated output functions returned by the _______ process for each rule.

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Usually a _________ graph is chosen to represent a fuzzy set.

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The degree of truth that we have been talking about is specifically driven out by a function called the ___________ function.

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Which one is NOT the feature of Robot?

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What is the correct order for solving a problem using GA I. Choose the best individuals from the population for crossover II. Choose initial population III. Evaluate the fitness of each individual

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Which one is the advantage of Neural Network.

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Which of the following disciplines provides us with the theories of structure and meaning of language

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The Candidate-Elimination algorithm represents the ____________

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Which one is NOT the phase of machine learning:

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Which one of the problem is more subtle, and consequently, is more frustrating:

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Within an expert system, the ______________ contains facts about a specific subject area and rules that express the reasoning procedures of an expert on the subject.

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Which one of the following is involved in an ES development project:

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Which of the following is a valid example which represents a suitable antecedent in a rule?

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Which of the following two components are closely coupled and each is intrinsically tied to the other. i. Knowledge representation ii. Reasoning iii. Execution iv. Planning

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The brain is a collection of about 100 ________ interconnected neurons.

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