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CS614 Final Term Quiz 1


CS614 Final Term Quiz 1

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As per Bill Inmon, a data warehouse, in contrast with classical applications is:

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_____ says that as far as company goals are concerned, the entire company pursues in the same direction

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Analytical processing uses ____________ , instead of record level access.

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As apposed to the out come of classification, estimation deal with ____________ valued outcome.

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An effective user education program includes, among other, the following guideline(s):

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?What means what?. The phrase refers to:

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A data warehouse may include

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De-Normalization normally speeds up

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________ refers to the overall process of discovering useful knowledge from data and data mining refers to a particular step in this process.

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Change Data Capture (CDC) can be challenging task because:

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A top down implementation approach is useful when

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As per kimball?s approach the second phase of DWH life cycle is:

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________ is the technique in which existing heterogeneous segments are reshuffled, relocated into homogeneous segments.

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_______________, if fits into memory, costs only one disk I/O access to locate a record by given key.

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Bill Inmon argues that requirements are well understood only after

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_____modeling technique is more appropriate for data warehouses.

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_____ technique requires a separate column to specify the time and date when the last modification was occurred.

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____________ in agriculture extension is that pest population beyond which the benefit of spraying outweighs its cost.

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As per Kimball, ______ is the main operational process

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A bottom up implementation approach is useful when

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_____________ is a process which involves gathering of information about column through execution of certain queries with intention to identify erroneous records.

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_______________, if too big and does not fit into memory, will be expensive when used to find a record by given key.

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A dense index, if fits into memory, costs only ______ disk I/O access to locate a record by given key.

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All data is ______________ of something real. I An Abstraction II A Representation Which of the following option is true?

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An optimized structure which is built primarily for retrieval, with update being only a secondary consideration is

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