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CS614 Final Term Quiz 2


CS614 Final Term Quiz 2

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Data mining is all about

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Data mining evolve as a mechanism to cater the limitations of ________ systems to deal massive data sets with high dimensionality, new data types, multiple heterogeneous data resources etc.

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For a given data set, to get a global view in un-supervised learning we use

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For a DWH project, the key requirement are ________ and product experience.

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Following the coding standards during development helps to:

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Classification consists of examining the properties of a newly presented observation and assigning it to a predefined ____________.

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If someone told you that he had a good model to predict customer usage, the first thing you might try would be to ask him to apply his model to your customer _______, where you already knew the answer.

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If 'M' rows from table-A match the conditions in the query then table-B is accessed 'M' times. Suppose table-B has an index on the join column. If 'a' I/Os are required to read the data block for each scan plus 'b' I/Os for each data block then the total cost of accessing table-B is _____________ logical I/Os approximately. Select correct option:

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Companies collect and record their own operational data, but at the same time they also use reference data obtained from _______ sources such as codes, prices etc.

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If one or more records in a relational table do not satisfy one or more integrity constraint, then the data:

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Data Warehouse provides the best support for analysis while OLAP carries out the _________ task.

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If every key in the data file is represented in the index file then index is

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Identify the TRUE statement:

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During the development phase we should follow standards for:

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Data mining, the ________ of hidden predictive information from large databases, is a powerful new technology with great potential to help companies focus on the most important information in their data warehouses.

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Focusing on data warehouse delivery only often end up _________.

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For good decision making, data should be integrated across the organization to cross the LoB (Line of Business). This is to give the total view of organization from:

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De-Normalization normally speeds up

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Data warehousing and on-line analytical processing (OLAP) are _______ elements of decision support system.

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Data mining uses _________ algorithms to discover patterns and regularities in data.

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During business hours, most ______ systems should probably not use parallel execution.

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DTS allows us to connect through any data source or destination that is supported by ____________

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Goal driven approach of data warehouse development was result of ______ work

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Data mining derives its name from the similarities between searching for valuable business information in a large database, for example, finding linked products in gigabytes of store scanner data, and mining a mountain for a _________ of valuable ore.

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For smooth DWH project implementation, one of the recommendations is to have:

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