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CS614 Final Term Quiz 3


CS614 Final Term Quiz 3

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In context of data mining definition, the term "value" means

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In ______ phase of a fundamental data warehouse life cycle model, a working model of data warehouse is deployed for a selective set of users

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Many data warehouse project teams waste enormous amounts of time searching in vain for a ___________________.

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Non uniform distribution, when the data is distributed across the processors, is called ______.

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In context of Change Data Capture (CDC), sometimes a ____ object can be used to store the recently modified data:

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It is observed that every year the amount of data recorded in an organization is

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In context of requirement definition phase of Kimball?s DWH development approach, ________ is positioned as a findings review and prioritization meeting.

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In context of analytical applications track, the application development activity can begin after

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In Four Cell Quadrant Technique, The quadrant's vertical axis refers to:

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In context of clustering, the term "distance" means

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Improper documentation results the problem(s) like:

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In ___________ phase of kimballs approach, we identify the components needed now and in future.

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In case of multiple sources for the same data element, we need to prioritize the source systems per element bases, the process is called:

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Multidimensional databases typically use proprietary __________ format to store pre-summarized cube structures.

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Node of a B-Tree is stored in memory block and traversing a B-Tree involves _____

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In Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) process, data transformation _____

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In context of the most fundamental data warehouse life cycle model, which of the following is NOT one of the data warehouse design activities?

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In data mining, initially you_____what you are looking for.

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Multi-dimensional databases (MDDs) typically use ___________ formats to store pre-summarized cube structures.

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In horizontal splitting, we split a relation into multiple tables on the basis of

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In context of requirement definition phase in Kimball?s DWH development approach, activities like debriefing, documentation, and prioritization are considered to be the part of:

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In contrast to statistics, data mining is ______ driven.

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In DWH project, it is assured that ___________ environment is similar to the production environment

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Non uniform use of abbreviations, units and values refers to:

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Mining multi-dimensional databases allow users to:

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