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CS615 Final Term Quiz 5


CS615 Final Term Quiz 5

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The British Standards Institution (198has stated the quality as

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The amount of authority a project manager possesses can be related to:

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The final activity for a project manager is___________

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The first step in project planning is to --------------------

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The check-in and checkout facilities provide_________

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The check-in and checkout facilities provide___________

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Software requirements engineering is a process of all except

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The Introduction of the software requirements specification states the

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Software project ______ is an activity that distributes estimated effort across the planned project duration by allocating the effort to specific software engineering tasks.

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Software design is actually a multi step process that focuses on distinct attributes of a program, these are:

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Software project are carried out sequentially and that each phase is completed before the next is taken up.

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The DID s (Data Item Description) includes a section called ________

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The distinguishing characteristics of a software product are _________

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The model serves as a foundation for software design and as the basis for the creation of_________ for the Software.

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Technology-related problems include _____

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The decomposition of a software project is one of the first tasks of ________.

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The --------------- decomposition of a software project is a division of the system into its operational components as they are seen by the user.

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The execution of a program is tested by a model based approach in-case of

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The Efficiency with which a program runs on different platforms or operating systems is called :

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The Data Item Descriptions define the formal documentation standards for all required documents generated during the development of software according to standard:

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The code generation step performs the task

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The British Standards Institution (1986) has stated the quality as

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Synchronization control helps to ensure that parallel changes performed by two different people do_________.

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Scheduling for software engineering projects can be viewed from________ rather different perspectives.

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Software requirements analysis may be divided into______ areas of effort.

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