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Economics Quiz 21

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When a state experiences a foreign policy crisis_______________?

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Gentrification is the trend of__________________?

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If an advertiser wants flexibility timeliness good local market coverage broad acceptability, and high believability the advertiser will probably choose which of the following mass media types ?

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An outward shift of the production possibility frontier may be caused by ?

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For a normal good ?

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The Essay on the Principle of Population was written by ?

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Countries with chronic balance of payments deficits eventually need to borrow abroad often from the ________ as the lender of last resort?

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What is called that debt obligation backed strictly by the borrower?s integrity ?

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The view that the elderly lack social and material resources to reciprocate in relationships and consequently occupy a subservient status is the point of______________?

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In a competitive market, which of the following is least, likely to be the source of a persistent discriminatory wage differential ?

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JCB (Which makes agricultural and construction equipment) has the opportunity to purchase a new factory today that will provide them with a Rs50 million return four years from now If prevailing interest rates are 6 percent, what is the maximum that the project can cost for JCB to be willing to undertake the project ?

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If two countries A and B are member of a currency union and there is a shift in consumer preferences away from the goods of country A and towards those of country B than which one of the following would help to offset the effect of the resulting changes in aggregate demand in A and B on inflation and unemployment in the tow countries ?

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In a recession a government ?

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Developing countries, if compared with other countries, have ?

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Suppose an industry emits a negative externality such a pollution and the possible methods to internalize the externality are command-and-control policies, pigovian taxes, and tradable pollution permits. If economists were to rank these methods for internalizing a negative externality based on efficiency ease of implementation and the incentive for the industry to further reduce pollution in the future, they would probably rank them in the following order (from most favored to least favored) ?

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In the U.S the military is________________?

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The balance of trade can only worsen if income ____ relative to absorption ?

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An example of polytheism is________________?

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Which of the following statement is NOT true about state owned enterprises (SOEs) ?

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The equilibrium inflation rate is determined by the intersection of _____ and _____?

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The profit per sale is a measure of ?

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When government employ cost-benefit analysis to help them decide whether to provide a public good, measuring benefits is difficult because ?

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If culture is comparable to a script for a play then______________?

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A company or corporation which was subsidiaries, investments or operation in more than one country is known as ?

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In the long run in perfect competition ?

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Which of the following countries leads in the production of Zinc ?

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Which of the following activities is most likely to produce an externality?

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Real GDP is nominal GDP measured in constant ?

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Identify below what does NOT affect productivity ?

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Pakistan is the ___________ largest Cotton Producer country in the world?

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The world?s largest oil refinery of the world is located at ?

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A normal rate of profit ?

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The factory system_________________?

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Which of the following countries is the leading producer of rice ?

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The hormone associated with male traits and aggression is_______________?

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Simon?s model is consistent with ?

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In a recession, GDP ?

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Under a system of floating exchange rates the pound would depreciate in value if there occurs ?

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With free trade suppose that the rest of the world can supply computers to Norway at a price of $1,500 Norway?s imports will now equal. Compared to What occurred in the absence of trade, Norway?s consumers surplus will _____ and its producer surplus will ____. Can you calculate these amounts? Try plotting the information of this table on a sheet of graph paper ?

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The development of high-yielding varieties (HYVs) of wheat and rice is known as ?

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In monopolistic competition firms achieve some degree of market power ?

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Deregulation is the reduction of government?s role in controlling markets. Which of the following is result(s) of deregulation ?

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For the United States automobiles are ?

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Spending on motoring as a % of household expenditure in the UK shows that motoring is ?

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Suppose both buyers and sellers of wheat expect the price of wheat to rise in the near future. What would we expect to happen to the equilibrium price and quantity in the market for wheat today ?

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The place in the business buying behavior model where interpersonal and individual influences might interact is called the ?

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The knowledge of how the blood circulates in the body is a(n)______________?

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The law of supply states that an increase in the price of a good ?

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The Faisalabad is also known as ?

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