Electrical Engineering Quiz 72


Electrical Engineering Quiz 72

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Resistance variation method of temperature control is done by connecting resistance elements in_____________?

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The position and velocity errors of a type-2 system are_____________?

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Thermal runaway occurs when_________________?

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The synchronous motor is not inherently self-starting because_______________?

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In tramways which of the following motors is used ?

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A synchronous motor connected to infinite bus-bars has at constant full load, 100% excitation and unity power factor. On changing the excitation only, the armature current will have_____________?

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The photo-electric effect occurs only when the incident light has more than a certain critical____________?

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Slip rings are usually made of___________?

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If the output of an amplifier is 10 V and 100 mV from the output is fed back to the input, then feedback fraction is_____________?

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As a result of armature reaction, the reduction in the total mutual air gap flux in a D.C. generator is approximately______________?

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The shaded pole motor is used for__________?

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A synchronous machine with low value of short-circuit ratio has___________?

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Which of the following resistive materials has the lowest temperature co-efficient of resistance ?

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Specific gravity of electrolyte in Edison cell is_____________?

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High voltage transmission lines use__________________?

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An ideal diode is___________?

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The ability of an electronic system to function properly in its intended electromagnetic environment and should not be a source of pollution to that electromagnetic environment is known as____________?

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The direction of magnetic lines of force is________________?

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Which of the following motor will give the highest starting torque ?

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The contacts of high voltage switches used in power system are submerged in oil. The main purpose of the oil is to______________?

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If resistance across LM in Fig. 2.30 is 15 ohms, the value of R is____________?

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Dielectric constant for mica is nearly_____________?

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The following indicate that battery on charge has attained full charge___________?

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Which of the following capacitors has relatively shorter shelf life____________?

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Most of the linear ICs are based on the two-transistor differential amplifier because of its___________?

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The circuit whose properties are same in either direction is known as__________?

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The output stage of a multistage amplifier usually employs _________________?

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The torque angle, in a synchronous motor, is the angle between_______________?

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?In any network containing more than one sources of e.m.f. the current in any branch is the algebraic sum of a number of individual fictitious currents (the number being equal to the number of sources of e.m.f.), each of which is due to separate action of each source of e.m.f., taken in order, when the remaining sources of e.m.f. are replaced by conductors, the resistances of which are equal to the internal resistances of the respective sources?. The above statement is associated with:

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The information to the circuit breaker under fault conditions is provided by____________?

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In a radio receiver, noise is generally developed at _______________?

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The power gain in a transistor connected in___________arrangement is the highest?

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_____________can generate power at unpredictable or uncontrolled times?

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Which of the following tests will be suitable for testing two similar D.C. series motors of large capacity ?

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A synchronous motor installed at the receiving end substation operates with such an excitation that it takes power at lagging power factor. Now if the applied voltage of the synchronous motor goes down, the power factor of the synchronous motor will___________?

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Reciprocal of permeability is____________?

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There is a need of transformer for__________________?

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Which of the fpllowing inductor will have the least eddy current losses ?

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The watt-hour efficiency of a lead-acid cell varies between________?

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It is noticed that durum charging___________?

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Example of a voltage clamping device______________?

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The leakage current in a pn junction is of the order of________________?

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For a particular application the type of electric-and control gear are determined by which of the following considerations ?

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Local action in a battery is indicated by____________?

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For which motor the speed can be controlled from rotor side ?

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As the junction temperature increases, the voltage breakdown point for avalanche mechanism______________?

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In repulsion motor, zero torque is developed when___________?

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Glass rectifiers are usually made into units capable of D.C. output (maximum continuous rating) of _____________?

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The signal voltage induced in the aerial of a radio receiver is of the order of_____________?

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In a hysteresis motor, the rotor must have____________?

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