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English Literature Quiz 12

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In Ralph Ellison?s Invisible Man, living underground is symbolic of_____________?

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How did travel at the time of the Crusades impact Western Europe ?

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The Constitution of 1962, provided Federation consisting centre and _________________ provinces?

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In what year did Ireland acquire national independence ?

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The two sounds influencing each other and combine to produce a third sound is an instance of ________________assimilation?

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Which among the following dimensions can the vowels in English be classified ?

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Which of the following is not a poetic tradition ?

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What is mimesis ?

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Which of the following statements about slavery is true ?

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How many books were included in the secondedition of the poem Paradise Lost ?

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What does Ben Jonson mean by a ?Humorous Character? ?

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The Ding__Dong theory of the origin of language was advanced by_______________?

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A pattern of accented and unaccented syllables in lines of poetry ?

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The first stanza of the poem provides an idea that it is______________?

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Fill in the blank. A ____________ was a spectacle performed at court or at the manor of a member of the nobility and was staged to glorify the court or the particular aristocrat?

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Christopher Marlowe?s ?Faustus? is an example of what dramatic genre ?

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Religion played a pivotal part in Elizabethan life. Protestants, Catholics, Puritans, and other religious groups jostled for power and survival in uncertain times. In 1559, an Act of Parliament was passed which determined the ?supreme governor? of all things spiritual. Who was it ?

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Why did Miss Havisham remain a spinster throughout her life in ?Great Expectations? ?

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Complete the following sentence. Professor Hammer argues that Ezra Pound?s interest in fascism and his anti-Semitic views were likely an outcome of his______________?

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In The Purgatorio, how does Dante depict the punishment of the proud penitents ?

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In which chapter of Biographia Literaria Coleridge criticize the theory of language of Wordsworth ?

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In the play, ?Richard III,? who speaks of ?the winter of our discontent? (I.i.1) ?

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Which of the following is true about the target audience for John Saffin?s pamphlet ?

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The literary style of Virginia Woolf?s novel ?To the Lighthouse? is best described in which of the following ways ?

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Which of the following is not an example of Restoration comedy ?

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How many classes of morphemes can be identified in a language ?

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Which of the following characteristics is NOT closely associated with a comedy of manners ?

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What is the central idea of Ferdinand de Saussure?s Course in General Linguistics ?

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The annals of Massachusetts Bay will inform us, that of six governors, in the space of about forty years from the surrender of the old charter, under James II., two were imprisoned by a popular insurrection ? a third, as Hutchinson inclines to believe, was driven from the province by the whizzing of a musket ball ? a fourth, in the opinion of the same historian, was hastened to his grave by continual bickerings with the house of representatives ? and the remaining two, as well as their successors, till the Revolution, were favored with few and brief intervals of peaceful sway. What is an ?insurrection? ?

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When did William Wordsworth marry Mary Hutchinson ?

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?Left the house of the subscriber, bounden servant, Hezekiah Mudge?had on when he went away, grey coat, leather breeches, master?s third best hat. One pound currency reward to whoever shall lodge him in any jail in the province.? Hezekiah Mudge is a ?bounden servant,? meaning that he is bound by contract to be a servant (essentially a willing slave) for seven years in repayment for____________?

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When did John Milton die ?

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Which of the following offers the best definition of ?criture f?minine ?

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Who is the father of English Literature ?

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Which of the following best characterizes the ways that Radcliffe?s The Mysteries of Udolpho links the Gothic novel with the sentimental form ?

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What did T. S. Eliot attempt to combine, though not very successfully, in his plays Murder in the Cathedral and The Cocktail Party ?

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What word did writers in this period use to express quickness of mind, inventiveness, a knack for conceiving images and metaphors and for perceiving resemblances between things apparently unlike ?

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Trauma theory primarily developed out of the work of which psychoanalyst ?

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The goods identified and agreed upon at the time a contract of sale is made are called_______________?

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Find the Odd man out ?

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In The Purgatorio, how does Dante represent the entryway to the seventh terrace of lust ?

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Who in Hamlet suggests that one should neither be a lender nor a borrower ?

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In Paradise Lost, Book I, Satan is the embodiment of Milton?s ?

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What is an anchoress ?

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Which poem of Coleridge is an opium dream ?

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In what year was the Fugitive Slave Act passed ?

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Which of the following poets would be least likely to explore the meaning of beauty or imagination in a poem ?

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Which phrase indicates the interior flow of thought employed in high-modern literature ?

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Who is described? ?For dignity composed and high exploit: But all was false and hollow? ?

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In order to become an artist, what does Stephen Dedalus sacrifice from his life ?

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