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English Literature Quiz 26


English Literature Quiz 26

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chaucer was fined in 1367 or 1366 for_______________________?

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This author wrote of the Pilgrims? voyage to the New World ?

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Who, among the following, is not connected with the Oxford Movement ?

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The title page which play of Christopher Marlow attributes the play to Marlowe and Thomas Nashe ?

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To whom ?poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful passion.? ?

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Between 1520 and 1550, the population of London_______________?

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What was restoredin 1660 ?

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What is double consciousness _______________?

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Mr. Covey entered the stable with a long rope; and just as I was half out of the loft, he caught hold of my legs, and was about tying me. As soon as I found what he was up to, I gave a sudden spring, and as I did so, he holding to my legs, I was brought sprawling on the stable floor. Mr. Covey seemed now to think he had me, and could do what he pleased; but at this moment?from whence came the spirit I don?t know?I resolved to fight; and, suiting my action the resolution, I seized Covey hard by the throat, and as I did so, I rose. He held on to me, and I to him. ? He trembled like a leaf. ?We were at it for nearly two hours. Covey at length let me go, puffing and blowing at a great rate, saying that if I had not resisted, he would not have whipped me half so much. The truth was, that he had not whipped me at all. I considered him as getting entirely the worst end of the bargain; for he had drawn no blood from me, but I had from him_____________?

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Who was the king when Geoffrey Chaucer was born ?

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Who accused Aristotle of social snobbishness and arrogance ?

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The Essays of Elia was first published in book form in_____________?

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According to Constitution of 1962, __________ was given to provinces?

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In Wallace Stevens?s poem ?The Man on the Dump,? one can say that the trash symbolizes which of the following ?

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This person was captured by Native Americans but saved by Pocahontas _______________?

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____________is the process by which new words are coined by combining the segments of two different words ?

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Who wrote ?Take up the White Man?s burden-/ Send forth the best ye breed-? in order to inspire Western Europeans to propagate benevolent, enlightened colonialism ?

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Who is traveling with Macbeth when he first encounters the Three Witches ?

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?Gradually light returns to the street? means_______________?

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Which of the following patterns of intonation is used in tag questions which imply that the speaker is certain about what is said_____________?

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Which book Edmund Spenser dedicated to the Philip Sidney ?

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One of the functions of protest poetry was to________________?

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Chaucer?s ?The Canterbury Tales? ?

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Which of the following offers the best definition of the concept of persuasion ?

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In ?Samson Agonistes,? Harapha exits because of what reason ?

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Which of the following best describes the reasons why World War I had a profound impact on modern poetry ?

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The term for the reaction against corruption in the Catholic Church was known as_____________?

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What is false consciousness ?

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Which of the following texts is considered the first example of postcolonial criticism ?

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How does Frankenstein?s monster learn about the Garden of Eden ?

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Most neoclassical poets viewed the world in terms of a strictly ordered hierarchy. What was this hierarchy called ?

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?To be, or not to be, that is the question?- Where do you find this quotation ?

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In which Dickens novel does Pip appear?

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The northern Renaissance differed from the Italian Renaissance__________________?

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Which of the following disciplines most fascinated Elizabeth ?

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Term and Tenure of President Office in Constitution of 1962, was __________________?

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After Milton went blind, he was able to compose poetry by using ______________?

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Which of the following patterns of intonation is used in W.Hquestions ?

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What is the name of the short-lived journal that Coleridge established ?

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According to Constitution of 1962, ____________ was the highest Court of the country?

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What is the function of the River Lethe ?

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Pope?s comment that ?Know, then, thyself, presume God not to scan;/The proper study of mankind is man? in his ?Essay on Man? is indicative of all of the following EXCEPT______________?

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What did Byron deride with his scathing reference to ?Peddlers,? and ?Boats,? and ?Wagons?! ?

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This critical approach assumes that language does not refer to any external reality. It can assert several, contradictory interpretations of one text ?

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Which of the following statements best characterizes the work of early monks in shaping future medieval church life ?

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Which of the following statements best describes the ?Bloomsbury Group? ?

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The Prince was written to gain favor of the_______________?

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Using a finite set of rules a speaker can produce innumerable grammatical utterances. This property of language is called______________?

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Who directly challenges Richard for the throne in the play, ?Richard III? ?

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Who was the leader of Pre-Raphaelite group of artists in England ?

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