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English Literature Quiz 27

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According to Plato, what is the moral purpose of art ?

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In his essay ?The Roots of Modernism,? Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe defines the modern period in the history of art as the time from roughly 1860 to 1970. How does he say modernism is typically defined ?

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Jacques Derrida?s concept of diff?rance challenges us to think about language as a system that____________?

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Which of the following genres is NOT part of the hybrid form of Behn?s Oroonoko ?

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According to Dr. Mazzotta, what do Dante?s planets represent ?

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What do you mean by Heroic Couplet ?

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The statements below are parts of the steps on ?How to Analyze a Play?. Which comes in as second thing to do before writing a critical essay of a play ?

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?Paradise Lost? was written by________________?

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What are the three parts of Stephen?s espoused aesthetic theory ?

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Which Romantic poet died relatively unknown but would become famous posthumously, in the 19th century ?

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Faustus asks two magicians to aid him in summoning the devil. What are their names ?

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?Can this be so!? cried goodman Brown, with a stare of amazement at his undisturbed companion. Howbeit, I have nothing to do with the governor and council ? they have their own ways, and are no rule for a simple husbandman, like me. But, were I to go on with thee, how should I meet the eye of that good old man, our minister, at Salem village? Oh, his voice would make me tremble, both Sabbathday and lecture-day!? The word ?husbandman? usually means farmer, but in this context it means something else ? what ?

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Utopia is an ideal state written by_______________?

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The English Civil War was waged between what two political groups ?

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In addition to Geoffrey Chaucer and William Langland, the ?flowering?of Middle English literature is evident in the works of which of the following writers ?

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Despite the fact that the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle continued well into the Norman rule of the 12th century, which king originally commissioned this work ?

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From whom did New Historicists draw the idea of ?self-regulating systems? ?

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Which poet would have been most likely to compose a poem examining his own childhood ?

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In ?The Castle of Otranto? what ?monstrous Other? does Manfred embody ?

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O, you are sick of self-love? Who is referred to in these words in Twelfth Night ?

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What concept best distinguishes the difference between the time of the Middles Ages and the Renaissance ?

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Complete this Shakespearan line ? Let me not to the marriage of true minds bring________________?

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Which of the following was NOT a key element or aspect of Romantic poetry ?

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Phonemes which effect meaning change in the same linguistic environment are said to be in ____________?

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Which of the following best describes James Joyce?s ?Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man? ?

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Wilfred Owen?s ?Anthem for Doomed Youth? begins with the following lines: ?What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?/ Only the monstrous anger of the guns./ Only the stuttering rifles? rapid rattle/Can patter out their hasty orisons.? Which of the following statements best describes these lines ?

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Experimentation in which of the following areas of poetic expression characterize Victorian poetry and allow Victorian poets to represent psychology in a different way ?

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Shakespeare joined the Chamber lain?s Men Theatrical Company as a ?

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According to the literary critic, Paul Fussell, which of the following was a central trope of English poetry written during the Great War ?

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Who is the hero of Paradise Regained_______________?

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Which of the following typify the oralformulaic ?

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What do many contemporary theorists find problematic about the literary canon ?

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What is oral transmission ?

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How many sonnets are attributed to Shakespeare ?

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Which Romantic poet would be most likely to feature a main character or narrator in a poem who is heroic, tortured, cynical, highly emotional, and intelligent ?

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The American pronunciation of the word ?issue? is an instance of ________________type of assimilation?

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Where did chaucer bury ?

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What is the origin of the vampire myth ?

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Who wrote first ?

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Which among the following pairs are Velar plosives ?

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Stephen Greenblatt?s work on the Renaissance is best described by what theoretical paradigm ?

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Fill in the blank. King_____________ was notorious for his six marriages and for ruthlessly persecuting his political enemies, violently eliminating all opposition ?

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Maria Steward believe that black woman are crucial to the uplift of black Americans. Why ?

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?Gynocriticism? is associated with_________________?

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Who is the author of Piers Plowman ?

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Which best describes the general feeling expressed in literature during the last decade of the Victorian era ?

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Shakespeare is buried inside the ?

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Which of the following best defines wergild ?

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One of the potential disadvantages of this approach to literature is that it can reduce meaning to a certain time frame, rather than making it universal throughout the ages ?

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Miniver scorned the gold he sought. Here gold refers to______________?

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