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English Literature Quiz 37

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With which of these writers is the ?spontaneous overflow of emotion? associated ?

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Which of the following would a Romantic Poet be most likely to use ?

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What is the name of the eccentric scientist in the novel Frankenstein ?

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Which of the following is Golding?s first novel ?

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As originally envisioned by John Milton, ?Paradise Lost? would consist of how many books ?

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Which of the following critics preferred Shakespeare?s Comedies to his Tragedies ?

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Ted Hughes was married to which American poetess ?

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From which lay is the quote ?she had no equal in the kingdom? taken ?

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According to Dr. Mazzotta, what does the phrase ?the little bark? mean ?

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?The end of writing is to instruct, the end of poetry is to instruct by pleasing.? Whose view is this ?

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Which work did Edmund Spenser author ?

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from which language the name ?chaucer? has been driven ?

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What is Mrs. Shelby?s first name ?

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A work of criticism that considers how English imperialism affected native Indian authors would be an example of_______________?

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What is dialogism ?

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In Vita Nuova, how does Dante represent love ?

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Which of the following statements best describes the ?Great Chain of Being? ?

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In Ulysses, Joyce retells which ancient story ?

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The age tended to favour the taste and search for truth in art______________?

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According to Professor Hammer, Wallace Stevens?s understanding of the imagination has most in common with which of the following literary traditions ?

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Chaucer buried in a corner of Westminster, which came to know as______________?

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Sounds articulated with the tip of the tongue or the blade of the tongue against the teeth ridge are called _________?

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Which of the following are Thomas Hardy books ?

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According to Laura Smith, that which ?affect[s] the human mind with a sense of overwhelming grandeur or irresistible power; calculated to inspire awe, deep reverence, or loft emotion, by reason of its beauty, vastness, or grandeur? is known as the______________?

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The language variety which has certain features which are typical of certain disciplines, topics, fields, occupations and social roles played by the speaker, is called________________ ?

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Who propounds ?the touchstone method?_______________?

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Fill in the blank. John Foxe was deeply disgusted by the _______________, and could not believe that any honest Christian could accept its doctrinal basis ?

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Who referred to poets as ?the unacknowledged legislators of the world? ?

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Which queen of England attended a number of William Shakespeare?s play ?

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In Shakespeare?s plays, when is rhyme often used ?

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According to ?Hare?s Adventure?, how does he get his ?burnt buttocks? ?

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Which character best represents the concept of terror versus that of horror in Lewis?s ?The Monk? ?

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How many sonnets are attributed to Shakespeare ?

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Which chilling novel of surveillance and entrapment had the alternative title Things as They Are ?

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The Pre-Raphaelites are best known for which of the following ?

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One purpose of LITERARY CRITICISM is described below: ?The historical approach, for instance, might be helpful in addressing a problem in Thomas Otway?s play Venice Preserv?d. Why are the conspirators, despite the horrible, bloody details of their obviously brutish plan, portrayed in a sympathetic light? If we look at the author and his time, we see that he was a Tory whose play was performed in the wake of the Popish Plot and the Exclusion Bill Crisis, and that there are obvious similarities between the Conspiracy in the play and the Popish Plot in history. The Tories would never approve of the bloody Popish Plot, but they nonetheless sympathized with the plotters for the way they were abused by the Tory enemy, the Whigs. Thus it makes sense for Otway to condemn the conspiracy itself in Vencie Preserv?d without condemning the conspirators themselves.? What purpose does this prescribe to ?

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?Heaven lies about us in our infancy?. This line occurs in the poem ?

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Who, among the following, is not the second generation of British Romantics ?

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In what way does Thornfield Hall differ from the Castle of Otranto, Udolpho, and the Convent of St. Clare ?

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Which of the following best characterizes Wordsworth?s attitude towards the French Revolution ?

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Novel Animal Farm was written by___________?

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How is the lai similar to a medieval romance ?

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Fill in the blank. Martin Luther nailed his _____________ to a church door in Wittenberg, accusing the Roman Catholic Church of heresy upon heresy?

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Which of the following writers was among the founders of the Imagist movement ?

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Which of the following serves as the best definition of the literary critical practice of formalism ?

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When did the Roman Empire formally legalize Christianity ?

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What religion had the most political and social power in Shakespeare?s time ?

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Who wrote the poem ?Defence of Lucknow? ?

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When was John Keats born?

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Which author(s) are associated with Modernism ?

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