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English Literature Quiz 49

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To whom did Edmund Spenser addresses his sonnet sequence Amoretti ?

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Why did the rebels of 1381 target the church, beheading the archbishop of Canterbury ?

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Along the way, goodman Brown and the character who seems to be the devil meet three people______________?

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Which of the following statements best represents Lacan?s view of Ophelia in his essay, ?Desire and the Interpretation of Desire in ?Hamlet?? ?

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Which poet would be most likely to write a poem reflecting upon the psychological changes he has undergone since his youth ?

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Fill in the blank. The term ?Renaissance? literally translates as ?_____________? ?

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In Book Four of ?Paradise Regained,? for his final temptation Satan takes Jesus to what location ?

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Fill in the blank. In the second edition of_________________, John Foxe promised that he would edit a collection of the works of William Tyndale, John Frith, and Robert Barnes?

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Complete the following famous line from Hamlet: Something is rotten in the state of_____________?

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Wordsworth was appointed as poet Laureate in_______________?

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Which of the following statements about the poems in Blake?s Songs of Innocence and Experience is true ?

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Which of these female writers was least likely to have been literate ?

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What is the difference between traditional literary criticism and post-New Criticism literary theory ?

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I would not have it imagined, however, that he was one of those cruel potentates of the school, who joy in the smart of their subjects; on the contrary, he administered justice with discrimination rather than severity; taking the burthen off the backs of the weak, and laying it on those of the strong. What is the meaning of the word ?smart? in this context ?

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?Essays of Elia? was written by______________?

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Which of the following best characterizes an Elizabethan masque ?

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The Canterbury Tales is an unfinished work, wherein each pilgrim was supposed to tell more than one tale. How many tales did Chaucer originally envision each pilgrim telling ?

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Many critics see similarities between the tenets of Futurism and which of the following political philosophies ?

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Which of the following statements best characterizes the central questions faced by poetry after the Holocaust ?

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Which of the following statements offers the best characterization of a Greek tragedy ?

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Who is Cato ?

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From where Christopher Marlowe received his early Education ?

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How does the Encyclop?die best epitomize the mission of the Enlightenment ?

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Which of the following poems describe or celebrate an apocalyptic regeneration of humanity and the world effected by the creative capacity of the human mind ?

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With what literary critic is the term the author function most closely associated ?

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In ?The Gift of the Magi? Della is presented as_____________?

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How old is Emmeline ?

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Which of the following best defines mysticism ?

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How is Thornfield in ?Jane Eyre? different from the structures found in the first wave of Gothic novels ?

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John Milton?s ?Lycidas? is what genre of poetry ?

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Against which of the following principles did Jonathan Swift inveigh ?

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From where does Eliza cross into Cananda ?

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?An Indian?s Looking Glass for the White Man? illustrates what genre of early American writing ?

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Which of the following statements would Percy Shelley, author of ?A Defense of Poetry?, agree with ?

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Which genre is based on interactions between three feudal classes ?

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Which of the following is the first novel of H. Lawrence ?

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Dryden wrote An Essay of Dramatic Poesy. Is this ?

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Which cultural theme is NOT referenced in Stoker?s ?Dracula? ?

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Find the odd one out____________________?

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William Shakespeare was______________ child of John and Mary?

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The New Critics were_________________?

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?Lapis Lazuli? is __________________?

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Which of the following is the theme of De Vulgari Eloquentia ?

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About Anne Bradstreet__________________?

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Which of the following theorists is associated with formalism ?

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Some of the movements that took place in the modernist time period include___________?

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Which city became the perceived center of Western civilization by the middle of the nineteenth century ?

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One purpose of LITERARY CRITICISM is described below: A formalist approach might enable us to choose between a reading which sees the dissolution of society in Lord of the Flies as being caused by too strict a suppression of the ?bestial? side of man and one which sees it as resulting from too little suppression. We can look to the text and ask: What textual evidence is there for the suppression or indulgence of the ?bestial? side of man? Does Ralph suppress Jack when he tries to indulge his bestial side in hunting? Does it appear from the text that an imposition of stricter law and order would have prevented the breakdown? Did it work in the ?grownup? world of the novel? What purpose does this prescribe to ?

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?Tales from Shakespeare? is written by________________?

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Aphra Behn?s Oroonoko is a transitional text in all of the following ways EXCEPT________________?

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