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English Literature Quiz 69


English Literature Quiz 69

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Which of the following is not a poet ?

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The foundation story of what poem is the Genesis account of the Creation of the world and of Adam and Eve, culminating in the drama of their temptation and fall ?

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What is the principal subject of Marianne Moore?s poem ?An Octopus? ?

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Which of the following plays were written by Christopher Marlowe ?

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That Milton was of the Devil?s party without knowing it, was said by ?

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What statement below best sums up the literary significance of Benjamin Franklin ?

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According to Constitution of 1962, Provincial Assemblies were consisting ____________ members?

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Which of the following cultural changes occurred as a result of the Norman invasion ?

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What is a plot ?

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Who is the author of ?For Whom the Bell Tolls? ?

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The classification of vowels into tense vowels and lax vowels is based on ________________?

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It was about this time that I conceiv?d the bold and arduous Project of arriving at moral Perfection. I wish?d to live without committing any Fault at any time; I would conquer all that either Natural Inclination, Custom, or Company might lead me into. As I knew, or thought I knew, what was right and wrong, I did not see why I might not always do the one and avoid the other. But I soon found I had undertaken a Task of more difficulty than I had imagined. ? I included under Thirteen names of Virtues all that at that time occurr?d to me as necessary or desirable, and annex?d to each a short Precept, which fully express?d the Extent I gave to its Meaning ?

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Fill in the blank. John Wycliffe challenged a number of ______________doctrines with arguments which centuries later would echo during the Protestant Reformation ?

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?My own great religion is a belief in the blood, the flesh as being wiser than the intellect.? Who wrote this ?

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Which of the following was not a cause associated with militant Protestant reformers (Puritans, Presbyterians, and separatists) ?

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For a time the narrator comforts Roderick by reading and painting with him; one of Roderick?s paintings is described as follows: ?A small picture presented the interior of an immensely long and rectangular vault or tunnel, with low walls, smooth, white, and without interruption or device. Certain accessory points of the design served well to convey the idea that this excavation lay at an exceeding depth below the surface of the earth.? What later event in the story does this picture foreshadow ?

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Period in English Literature from 1901 to 1910 is called___________?

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This is the title of a famous Puritan sermon______________?

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The phrase ?where the sun is silent? is an example of which poetic device ?

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Complete the following statement. Chaucer wrote his elegiac poem, ?The Book of the Duchess,? to praise the young Duchess of Lancaster who tragically died of___________________?

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?The Vision of the Twelve Goddesses? is an example of what dramatic genre ?

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We associate Nathaniel Hawthrone with what literary movement ?

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Which metrical form was Pope said to have brought to perfection ?

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In the poem ?When Malindy Sings,? Paul Laurence Dunbar uses irony and caricature to ?signify? on white assumptions about African Americans. What does Henry Louis Gate?s term ?signify? mean ?

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How do the themes of Marie de France?s Lanval and Chretien de Troyes Yvain compare ?

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Who coined the term New Historicism ?

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In Shakespeare?s literary output, the period 1604-1608 is the period of__________________?

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The poem ends on a_____________?

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What are some common criticisms of literary theory ?

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Which one is a great patriotic poem by Frost ?

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Where were the pilgrims going in the Canterbury tales ?

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The lines ?The loveliest and the lastThe bloom, whose petals nipped before they blewDied on the promise of the fruit? are from a poem honoring________________?

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The founder of Jamestown____________?

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Complete the following sentence. The politics of Radcliffe?s medieval settings______________?

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All that glitters is not gold. You have heard often this told. This maxim is included in Shakespeare?s__________________?

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In Jorge Luis Borges? ?The Library of Babel,? which of the following is NOT a major concern of the work ?

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What was the nationality of OscarWilde ?

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Which of the following is NOT considered a write for the Transcendentalism Movement ?

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How does Queen Gertrude die ?

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Which of the following statement is correct ?

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In Dryden?s Essay of Dramatic Poesy there are four interlocuters representing four different ideologies. Which of them expresses Dryden?s own views ?

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?Heard Melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter? is a line from_______________?

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How did lay literacy affect traditional devotional practices ?

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In his essay ?The Symbolism of Poetry,? William Butler Yeats argues that which of the following is the purpose of rhythm ?

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Which event did Percy Shelley call ?the master theme of the epoch in which we live? ?

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How did courtly literature characterize its heroines ?

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The IPA came into existence in the year__________?

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What was the name of the Bronte sister?s only brother ?

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According to the ?Book of Luke,? Herod was the king of ?

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What was a favorite entertainment in Elizabeth?s court ?

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