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English Literature Quiz 72

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Which famous Shakespeare play does the quote, ?Neither a borrower nor a lender be? come from ?

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Who began to ignite the embers of dissent against the Catholic church in November 1517 in a movement that came to be known as the Reformation ?

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Byron?s journey to Spain, Malta, Albania and Greece resulted in the production of the first two cantos of his poem_______________?

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Chaucer acted as a controller of custom during_______________?

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?Blow, blow thou winter wind Thou art not so unkind.?-Example of ?

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What literary term is suggested by thequote steadfast companions will stand by him from Beowulf ?

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Well, then; I have received personal information, from a very high quarter, that a certain document of the last importance, has been purloined from the royal apartments. The individual who purloined it is known; this beyond a doubt; he was seen to take it. It is known, also, that it still remains in his possession. What is the meaning of the verb to purloin ?

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Which phrase indicates the interior flow of thought employed in high-modern literature ?

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By 1890, what percentage of the earth?s population was subject to Queen Victoria ?

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Which of the following is a ceremony in which a sovereign is officially crowned ?

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Harold Nicholson described which poet as ?Very yellow and glum. Perfect manners? ?

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The fall of the prison of Bacille, that marks the begining of French Revolution occurred on______________?

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Staying alive was a difficult task for Elizabethans. Disease, infection, poverty, childbirth, and occupational accidents could all result in one?s untimely demise. Most people never reached the age of fifty. When an Elizabethan died, intricate rituals were followed. What was NOT a funeral custom ?

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Which of the following statements best represents the main theme of Beckett?s ?Waiting for Godot? ?

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What is an Effigy ?

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Which poem ends ?I shall but love thee better after death? ?

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What was the impact on literature of the Education Act of 1870, which made elementary schooling compulsory ?

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Biographia Literaria was written by_________________?

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Who wrote ?Hard Times? and ?A tale of two Cities? ?

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Which of the following best describes epic theater as defined by Berthold Brecht ?

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Which statement(s) about inventions during the Industrial Revolution are true ?

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My present business,? continued he, speaking with lofty confidence, ?is merely to inquire my way to the dwelling of my [relative].? ? There was a sudden and general movement in the room, which Robin interpreted as expressing the eagerness of each individual to become his guide. This passage exemplifies____________?

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Which is called the Golden Period of English Literature?

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Who is the author of the book ?Around the World in Eighty Days? ?

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In Chaucer?s ?The Miller?s Tale,? why would the miller?s determination to speak following the knight appear unsettling to the 14th century audience ?

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Maggie is the central character in George Eliot?s________________?

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In which year Globe theater got fire and destroyed ?

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The American Renaissance overlapped the time period, in which American writers were trying to____________?

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How does St. Clare die ?

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African American dialects grew out of_______________?

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Which century is known as Dawn of Renaissance ?

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What was the title of the play by Marlowe that portrayed the events surrounding the Saint Bartholomew?s Day Massacre in 1572 ?

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Renaissance first came to the ?

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Which literary theory would most directly explore questions of the role of spatial setting in a poem ?

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Who is the representative figure of the ?Jazz Age? ?

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What is the title of the prose pamphlet Edmund Spenser wrote in the year 1596 ?

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In Charles Chesnutt?s ?The Goophered Grape Vine,? why does Uncle Julius tell the Northern visitors the story of the spell put on the grapes ?

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Who is the author of ?The Origin of Species? ?

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Slavery in the United States was officially abolished in ______________?

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Who defined language as ?a set or (finite or infinite) sentences, each finite in length and constructed out of a finite set of elements? ?

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Elizabethan England was largely rural, with the majority of its population living in the verdant countryside. Towns and cities, however, were growing?and the most prominent of all was London. While Londoners were considered wealthy and arrogant, the city was begrimed, filthy, and infested with vermin. Where did people primarily dispose of their trash and wastes ?

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In The Inferno, Cerberus is the protector of which circle of hell ?

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Arnold?s Culture and Anarchy deals with the subject of_____________?

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Why is the couple in Arna Bontemps?s ?A Summer Tragedy? getting dressed up ?

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Complete the following sentence. Tennyson?s In Memoriam and Browning?s dramatic monologues can best be seen as combining neoclassicism with romanticism through their ?

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Both Shakespeare and Christopher Marlow are thought to have been born in what year ?

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Which king began a war to enforce his claims to the throne of France in 1336 ?

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According to Robert Hollander, what are the two types of allegory used by Dante ?

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Fill in the blank. A ____________ was a spectacle performed at court or at the manor of a member of the nobility and was staged to glorify the court or the particular aristocrat?

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Who does NOT represent the ?new woman? ?

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