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Finance Quiz 2


Finance Quiz 2

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An efficient set of portfolios represented through graph is classified as an__________?

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Cost of capital is equal to required return rate on equity in case if investors are only__________?

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Notes, mortgages, bonds, stocks, treasury bills and consumer loans are classified as______________?

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The most important item that can be extracted from financial statements is the actual ________ of the firm.

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If default probability is zero and bond is not called, then yield to maturity is_____________?

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Cash flows occurring with more than one change in sign of cash flow are classified as________?

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Return on assets = 6.7% and equity multiplier = 2.5% then return on equity will be ______________?

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Beta which is estimated as regression slope coefficient is classified as___________?

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A project whose cash flows are more than capital invested for rate of return then net present value will be___________?

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Low price for earnings ratio is result of________________?

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Capital budgeting decisions are analyzed with help of weighted average and for this purpose____________?

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The investment decision is the most important of the firm?s three major decisions, when it comes to:

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If market interest rate falls below coupon rate then bond will be sold__________?

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Movement of price or rise or fall of prices of options is classified as_________?

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In situation of bankruptcy, stock which is recorded above common stock and below debt account is_____________?

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Which of the following costs are reported on the income statement as the cost of goods sold?

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In financial planning, most high option price will lead to__________?

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Risk free rate is subtracted from expected market return is considered as___________?

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If market interest rate rises above coupon rate, then bond will be sold_____________?

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Federal Reserve policy and federal surplus or deficit of budget affect the____________?

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In an individual stock, relevant risk is classified as___________?

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Price of stock that companies observe in financial markets is called____________?

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In financial markets, period of maturity less than one year of financial instruments is classified as________________?

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Profit maximization is the maximizing a firm?s Earning:

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Financial security which is tax exempted and issues by state governments to individuals is classified as___________?

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Rate of return which is required to satisfy stockholders and debt holders is classified as__________?

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The Yield to Maturity of a bond is the same as_____________?

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A regulatory body which licenses brokers and oversees traders is classified as__________?

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Net income is $2250 and non cash charges are $1150 then net cash flow would be _________?

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If current price increases from lower to higher then an____________?

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Financial policy is evaluated by which of the following?

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Weighted average cost of debt, preferred stock and common equity is classified as_____________?

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Markets which deals with high liquid and short-term debt securities are classified as_____________?

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Quick Ratio is also known as_______________?

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An increasing in interest rate leads to decline in value of__________?

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Relevant cash flow which company expects when its will implement project is classified as_____________?

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If coupon rate is equal to going rate of interest, then bond will be sold________?

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You just won a prize, you can either receive Rs. 1000 today or Rs. 1,050 in one year. Which option do you prefer and why if you can earn 5 percent on your money?

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Mostly in financials, risk of portfolio is smaller than that of asset?s________?

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In balance sheet, sum of retained earnings and common stock are considered as_____________?

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Stocks which has high book for market ratio are considered as_____________?

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In retention growth model, payout ratio is subtracted from one to calculate___________?

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Markets which bring closer institutions needing funds and with surplus funds are classified as______________?

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Financial markets include___________?

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Treasury bonds are exposed to additional risks that are included________?

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Stocks which has lower book for market ratio are considered as__________?

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Net investment in operating capital is subtracted from net operating profit after taxes to calculate___________?

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Balance Sheet is based upon which of the following formula?

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An analysis of decision making of investors and managers is classified as_________?

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Payment if it is divided with interest rate will be formula of__________?

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