Finance Quiz 3


Finance Quiz 3

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In capital asset pricing model, stock with high standard deviation tend to have________?

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Variability for expected returns for projects is classified as___________?

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According to capital asset pricing model assumptions, quantities of all assets are______________?

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Real interest rate and real cash flows do not include_____________?

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Capital gain expected by stockholders and dividends are included in____________?

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A model which makes an assumption about the future growth of dividends is known as:

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Which of the following refers to the cash flows that result from the firm?s day-to-day activities of producing and selling?

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Which of the following ratios is NOT from the set of Asset Management Ratios?

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How many years will it take to pay off a Rs. 11,000 loan with a Rs. 1,241.08 annual payment and a 5% interest rate?

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Standard Corporation sold fully depreciated equipment for Rs.5,000. This transaction will be reported on the cash flow statement as a(n):

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Forecast by analysts, retention growth model and historical growth rates are methods used for an______________?

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Payment divided by par value is classified as______________?

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Other factors held constant, greater project liquidity is because of___________?

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High price to earnings ratio shows company?s_________?

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The conflict of interest between stockholders and management is known as:

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A techniques uses to identify financial statements trends are included____________?

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In financial markets, period of maturity more than five years of financial instruments is classified as___________________?

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A major facet of financial management involves providing the financing necessary to support:

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Legal entity separation from its legal owners and managers with help of state laws is classified as____________?

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A technique uses in comparative analysis of financial statement is_________?

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Type of financial security in which firms do not borrow money rather lease their assets is classified as____________________?

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Maximizing Shareholder wealth:

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An attitude of investor towards dealing with risk determines the____________?

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In capital budgeting, number of non-normal cash flows have internal rate of returns are____________?

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Mr. Y and Mr. Z are planning to share their capital to run a business. They are going to employ which of the following type of business?

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Redemption option which protects investors against rise in interest rate is considered as________?

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An uncovered cost at start of year is $200, full cash flow during recovery year is $400 and prior years to full recovery is 3 then payback would be__________?

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Collection of net income, amortization and depreciation is divided by common shares outstanding to calculate______________?

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Difference between actual return on stock and predicted return is considered as___________?

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A loan that is repaid on monthly, quarterly and annual basis in equal payments is classified as____________?

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In cash flow estimation, depreciation shelters company?s income from_______?

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Projects which are mutually exclusive but different on scale of production or time of completion then the__________________?

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In weighted average capital, capital structure weights estimation does not rely on value of__________?

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Which of the following strategy belongs to restrictive policy regarding size of investments in current assets?

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All assets are perfectly divisible and liquid in___________?

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In capital budgeting, an internal rate of return of project is classified as its__________?

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Reinvestment risk of bond?s is usually higher on______?

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A point where profile of net present value crosses horizontal axis at plotted graph indicates project____________________?

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Payback period in which an expected cash flows are discounted with help of project cost of capital is classified as___________________?

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Set of projects or set of investments usually maximize firm value is classified as_________?

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Portfolio which consists of perfectly positive correlated assets having no effect of___________?

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Chance of happening any unfavorable event in near future is classified as___________?

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A risk associated with project and way considered by well diversified stockholder is classified as______________?

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Sum of market risk and diversifiable risk are classified as total risk which is equivalent to_______________?

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Double declining balance method and sum of years digits are included in__________?

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In capital budgeting, positive net present value results in_________________?

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If payment of security is paid as $100 at end of year for three years, it is an example of______________?

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Bonds issued by corporations and exposed to default risk are classified as_________?

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Coupon payment of bond which is fixed at time of issuance____________?

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The DuPont Identity tells us that Return on Equity is affected by:

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