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Finance Quiz 4


Finance Quiz 4

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Intangible assets such as copyrights, trademarks and patents are applicable for____________?

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Return on assets = 5.5%, Total assets $3,000 and common equity $1,050 then return on equity would be_________?

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A theory which states that assets are traded at price equal to its intrinsic value is classified as___________________?

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Method of matching orders by posting orders of buying and selling is classified as______________?

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Federal government tax revenues if it exceeds government spending then it is classified as___________?

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Which of the following is measured by profit margin?

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In capital budgeting, a negative net present value result in______________?

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Bonds that have high liquidity premium are usually have_________?

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Interest rates, tax rates and market risk premium are factors which an/a_____________?

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Stock issued by company have higher rate of return because of______________?

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Price per share divided by earnings per share is formula for calculating_________?

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Which of the following measure reveals how much profit a company generates with the money shareholders have invested?

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_________ refers to the most valuable alternative that is given up if a particular investment is undertaken?

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Relationship between risk and required return is classified as___________?

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Rate of return (in percentages) consists of___________?

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An average inflation rate which is expected over life of security is classified as__________?

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In which form of Business, owners have limited liability?

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The system by which companies are managed and controlled is known as:

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Which of the following ratios are particularly interesting to short-term creditors?

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Annual cash dividends divided by annual earnings; or alternatively, dividends per share divided by earning per share is termed as:

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Bonds issued to individuals by corporations are classified as__________?

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If book value is greater than market value comparison with investors for future stock are considered as_______________?

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Cash flows that should be considered for decision in hand are classified as____________?

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Which of the following equation is known as Cash Flow (CF) identity?

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Procedure of finding present values in time value of money is classified as____________?

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Required rate of return in calculating bond?s cash flow is also classified as_______?

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Bond which is offered below its face value is classified as______________?

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Profitability index (PI) rule is to take an investment, if the index exceeds___________?

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Price for debt is called_________?

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Set of rules consisting of behavior towards its directors, creditors, shareholders, competitors and community is considered as____________?

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Sum of discounted cash flows is best defined as____________?

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Coupon payment is calculated with help of interest rate, then this rate considers as________?

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An equity multiplier is multiplied to return on assets to calculate_________?

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Price per ratio is divided by cash flow per share ratio which is used for calculating___________?

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An annual interest payment divided by current price of bond is considered as_____________?

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Maturity date decides at time of issuance of bond and legally permissible is classified as____________?

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Chance of occurrence of any event is classified as_____________?

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Risk of fall in income due to fall in interest rates in future is classified as__________?

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Which of the following terms refers to the use of debt financing?

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Profitability index in capital budgeting is used for_________?

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Coupon rate of convertible bond is_________?

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Type of bond which pays interest payment only when it earns is classified as__________?

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Prices of bonds will be decreased if an interest rates_________?

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An investor who writes stock call options in his own portfolio is classified as__________?

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In independent projects evaluation, results of internal rate of return and net present value lead to_____________?

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Business Finance addresses which of the following?

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Process in which managers of company identify projects to add value is classified as__________?

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Project which is started by firm for increasing sales is classified as______________?

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As free bonds issue for welfare by industrial agencies or pollution control agencies are classified as__________?

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An option that gives investors right to sell a stock at predefined price is classified as____________?

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