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Finance Quiz 5


Finance Quiz 5

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During planning period, a marginal cost for raising a new debt is classified as__________?

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An inflation rate includes in bond?s interest rates is one which is inflation rate________?

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Type of options that permit bond holder to buy stocks at stated price are classified as______?

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A market interest rate for specific type of bond is classified as bond?s_____________?

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Which of the following is the process of planning and managing a firm?s long-term investments?

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Which of the following is the cheapest source of financing available to a firm?

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Current option price is added to present value of portfolio for calculating_________?

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Stockholders that do not get benefits even if company?s earnings grow are classified as_____________?

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Cash flows that could be generated from an owned asset by company but not use in project are classified as_________________?

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Situation in which firm limits expenditures on capital is classified as________?

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An interest rate which is used in calculation of cash flows of bonds is called______________?

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Which of the given area is NOT addressed by Business Finance?

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Which of the following relationships holds TRUE if a bond sells at a discount?

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An annual estimated cost of assets uses up every year is included__________?

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In time value of money, periodic rate is_________?

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Which of the following is not a quality of IRR ?

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Number of years forecasted to recover an original investment is classified as________?

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Finance is vital for which of the following business activity (activities)?

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Correct measure of risk of stock is called_____________?

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If you have Rs. 850 and you plan to save it for 4 years with an interest rate of 10%, what will be the future value of your savings?

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Which of the following statement is TRUE regarding debt?

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Markets dealing loans of autos, education, vacations and appliances are considered as__________?

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Coupon rate of bond is also called____________?

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Price of an outstanding bond increases when market rate___________?

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Financial security with low degree risk and investment held by businesses is classified as________________?

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An uncovered cost at start of year is divided by full cash flow during recovery year then added in prior years to full recovery for calculating__________?

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Standard deviation of tighter probability distribution is____________?

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Standard deviation is divided by expected rate of return is used to calculate_________?

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Which of the following refers to the difference between the sale price and cost of inventory?

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Beta coefficient is used to measure market risk which is an index of__________?

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Bonds which are riskier than corporate bonds and are issued by major corporations are classified as___________?

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When the market?s required rate of return for a particular bond is much less than its coupon rate, the bond is selling at:

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Companies that help to set benchmarks are classified as__________?

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External factors such as expiration of basic patents and industry competition effect____________?

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Quick Ratio is also known as_________?

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The formula to calculate the present value of a single cash flow is given by:

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A type of project whose cash flows would not depend on each other is classified as______________?

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Between the two identical bonds having different maturity periods, the price of the ______ bond will change less than that of ______ bond.

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Values recorded as determined in marketplace are considered as_______________?

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Risk affects any firm with factors such as war, recessions, inflation and high interest rates is classified as____________?

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Method of inventory recording gives lower cost of goods sold in income statement is classified as______________?

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An income available for shareholders after deducting expenses and taxes from revenues is classified as______________?

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Step in initial public offering in which hired agents act on behalf of owners is classified as______________?

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The principal amount of a bond at issue is called____________?

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In financial markets, period of maturity within one to five years of financial instruments is classified as_________________?

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According to capital asset pricing model assumptions, investors will borrow unlimited amount of capital at any given___________?

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Which of the following ratios are intended to address the firm?s financial leverage?

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Net income available to stockholders is $125 and total assets are $1,096 then return on common equity would be________?

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Money lends to corporations by banks is classified as___________?

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Corporations such as Citigroup, American Express and Fidelity are classified as__________________?

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