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Finance Quiz 6

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A firm reports total liabilities of Rs. 300,000 and owner?s equity of Rs. 500,000. What would be the total worth of the firm?s assets?

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Type of bonds that pays no coupon payment but provides little appreciation are classified as______________?

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Relevant information about stock market price if it is given, then this price is called______________?

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During the accounting period, sales revenue is Rs. 25,000 and accounts receivable increases by Rs. 8,000. What will be the amount of cash received from customers for the period?

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Stated value of bonds or face value is considered as_____________?

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Falling interest rate leads change to bondholder income which is__________?

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In calculation of net cash flow, deferred tax payments are classified as______________?

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According to market risk premium, an amount of risk premium depends upon investor______________?

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Which of the following is the overall return the firm must earn on its existing assets to maintain the value of the stock?

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Which of the following ratios are particularly interesting to short term creditors?

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Future value of interest if it is calculated two times a year can be a classified as__________________?

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When the stock market is rising it is called__________?

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Stakeholders include:

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Mutual fund allows investors to sale out their share during any normal trading hours is classified as____________?

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Which of the following is a special case of annuity, where the stream of cash flows continues forever?

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Rate of required return by debt holders is used for estimation the__________?

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An investor who buys shares and writes a call option on stock is classified as__________?

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The effect of purchasing power or inflation on present value is important because _________?

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In capital market line, risk of efficient portfolio is measured by its____________?

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Which of the following form of business organization is least regulated?

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Weighted average of probabilities is classified as____________?

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Type of financial security in which loans are secured by borrowers? property is classified as__________?

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Corporate governance encompasses the relationship among a company?s:

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Having some overall goal in mind, financial management is concerned with:

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Choose from the following a symptom which is not relating to ?Over Trading??

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An equation in which total assets are multiplied to profit margin is classified as_____________?

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Markets for products such as wheat, rice, cotton, real estate and autos dealing is classified as___________?

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In large expansion programs, increased riskiness and flotation cost associated with project can cause_______________?

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All partners have limited liability in_________________?

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In capital asset pricing model, characteristic line is classified as____________?

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Proceeds of company shares of sold stock is recorded in___________?

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Nominal interest rates and nominal cash flows are usually reflected the____________?

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Payment of security if it is made at end of each period such as beginning of year is classified as______________?

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Price per share is $30 and an earnings per share is $3.5 then price for earnings ratio would be___________?

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Partners who are only liable for their own part of investment are considered as___________________?

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Total assets divided common equity is a formula uses for calculating___________?

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Modified rate of return and modified internal rate of return with exceed cost of capital if net present value is____________?

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If a company revaluates its fixed assets, the current ratio of the company will:

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An interest rate which is paid by money borrower and charged by lender is considered as_____________?

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A high portfolio return is subtracted from low portfolio return to calculate_________?

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Process of comparing company results with other leading firms is considered as____________?

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Value generally promises to pay at maturity date and a firm borrows is considered as bond?s__________?

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Funds which are used as interest-bearing checking accounts are classified as____________?

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Bonds with deferred call have protection which is classified as__________?

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Coefficient of variation is used to identify an effect of__________?

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Stock which has higher correlation with market tend to have__________?

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Average Accounting Return is a measure of accounting profit relative to:

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All the constituencies with a stake in the fortunes of the company are termed as:

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Markets which deal with buying and selling of bonds, mortgages, notes and stocks are considered as_____________?

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Standard deviation is 18% and coefficient of variation is 1.5% an expected rate of return will be_____________?

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