Finance Quiz 7


Finance Quiz 7

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Accounts payable, accruals and notes payable are listed on balance sheet as________?

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If two independent projects having hurdle rate, then both projects should________?

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In estimating value of cash flows, compounded future value is classified as its__________?

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An increase in value of option leads to low present value of exercise cost only if it has____________?

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A markets which deals with long-term corporate stocks are classified as

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Type of bond in which payments are made on basis of inflation index is classified as_____________?

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_______________refers to the extent to which fixed-income securities (debt and preferred stock) are used in a firm?s capital structure?

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Positive minimum risk portfolio of any security shows that market security sold____________?

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A type of beta which incorporates about company such as changes in capital structure is classified as___________?

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An annuity with an extended life is classified as_____________?

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Right held with corporations to call issued bonds for redemption is considered as___________?

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In cash flow estimation and risk analysis, real rate will be equal to nominal rate if there is__________?

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An information uses by investors for expecting future earnings is all recorded in__________?

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Document in a corporation which consists of amount of stock, name and addresses of directors is classified as_____________?

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Present value of future cash flows is divided by an initial cost of project to calculate_______?

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Nominal rate which is quoted to consumers on loans is considered as__________?

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Condition in which company?s imports are more than its exports is classified as____________?

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Number of shares outstanding if it is divided by net income for using to calculate___________?

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Relationship between Economic Value Added (EVA) and Net Present Value (NPV) is considered as____________?

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In capital budgeting, term of bond which has great sensitivity to interest rates is______________?

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Beta reflects stock risk for investors which is usually_________?

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Market where market makers keep record of stock of financial instruments is classified as_________________?

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An individual authorized by another person, called the principle, to act on the latter?s on behalf is known as an/a:

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Cash flow which starts negative than positive then again positive cash flow is classified as__________?

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Risk which is caused by events such as strikes, unsuccessful marketing programs and other lawsuits is classified as____________?

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A technique uses in comparative analysis of financial statement is____________?

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Purchase cost of assets over its useful life is classified as_________?

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Income that is saved and not invested is known as____________?

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The market price of a firm?s stock represents the focal judgment of all market participants as to the value of the:

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An internal rate of return in capital budgeting can be modified to make it representative of_________?

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Financial security issued by banks operating outside U.S is classified as___________________?

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A price for equity is called______________?

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Real rate expected cash flows and nominal rate expected cash flows must be______________?

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Which of the following is measured by retention ratio?

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Betas tend to move towards 1.0 with passage of time are classified as__________?

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Which of the following statement about bond ratings is TRUE?

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Which of the following ratios are particularly interesting to shortterm creditors?

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If coupon rate is less than going rate of interest, then bond will be sold________?

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Transfer through institutions such as mutual funds or banks are classified as________________?

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If market value is greater than book value, then investors for future stock are considered as___________________?

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In cash flow estimation, depreciation is considered as________________?

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Loans by finance companies, banks and credit unions is classified as___________?

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In mutually exclusive projects, project which is selected for comparison with others must have____________?

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Which of the following set of ratios relates the market price of the firm?s common stock to selected financial statement items?

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The use of Personal borrowing to alter the degree of financial leverage is called__________?

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An Asset is __________?

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Dow Jones is stock exchange market of__________?

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Two alternative expected returns are compared with help of__________?

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Profit margin multiply assets turnover multiply equity multiplier is used to calculate____________?

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According to Black Scholes model, selling and buying of stock have_______?

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