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Finance Quiz 8


Finance Quiz 8

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A bond whose price will rise above its face value is classified as________?

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Full Form of BCCI ?

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Set of rules made by corporation founders such as directors election procedure are classified as_________?

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Net present value, profitability index, payback and discounted payback are methods to______________?

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Process of selling company stock at large to general public and get lending from banks is classified as an_________________?

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According to Black Scholes model, stocks with call option pays the__________?

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Type of risk in which beta is equal to one is classified as____________?

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A standardized financial statement presenting all items of the statement as a percentage of total is:

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A tighter probability distribution shows the___________?

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Cash outflows are costs of project and are represented by___________?

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A company who issues bonds or stocks in result raised funds which finally____________?

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Price per share is $30 and an earnings per share is $3.5 then price for earnings ratio would be_____________?

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Coefficient of beta is used to measure stock volatility_____________?

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Type of bonds that are issued by foreign governments or foreign corporations are classified as__________?

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Type of financial securities that mature in less than a year are classified as___________?

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The Capital Asset Pricing Model calculate expected:

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High price to earning ratio shows company?s_____________?

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Who of the following make a broader use of accounting information?

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In time value of money, nominal rate is_______________?

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Bonds issued by government and backed by Pak government are classified as_________?

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Company low earning power and high interest cost cause financial changes which have_____________?

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Greater value of option, larger span of time value is usually results in__________?

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Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft are examples of__________?

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An outstanding bond are also classified as__________?

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If coupon rate is more than going rate of interest, then bond will be sold________?

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Rate of return which is asked by investors is classified as_____________________?

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Corporations that buy financial instruments with money accepted from savers are classified as_________________?

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The Board of Directors sets company-wide policy and advices the CEO and other senior executies, who manage the company?s:

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Future beta is needed to calculate in most situations is classified as____________?

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Cash flow from assets involves which of the following component(s)?

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Projects which are mutually exclusive but different on scale of production or time of completion then the___________?

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Markets dealing with residential loans, industry real estate loans, agricultural loans and commercial loans are called___________?

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Collection of money from investors and spending money in other investment activities is classified as__________________?

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Companies take savings as premium, invest in bonds and make payments to beneficiaries are classified as_____________?

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Yield of interest rate which is below than coupon rate, this yield is classified as_________?

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Rate on debt that increases as soon market rises is classified as________?

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Bonds issue by corporations which are more riskier than preferred stocks are classified as_____________?

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A series of constant cash flows that occur at the end of each period for some fixed number of periods is ____________ .

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If you plan to save Rs. 5,000 with a bank at an interest rate of 8%, what will be the worth of your amount after 4 years if interest is compounded annually?

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Net income available to stockholders is $150 and total assets are $2,100 then return on total assets would be_________?

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Securities with less predictable prices and have longer maturity time is considered as_______________?

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Financial security kept by non-financial corporations is____________________?

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Total amount of depreciation charged on long term assets is classified as______________?

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Cash inflows are revenues of project and are represented by__________?

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If net present value is positive, then profitability index will be__________?

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Financial corporations which serve individual savers and commercial mortgage borrowers are classified as____________?

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A company having a current ratio of 1 will have __________ net working capital.

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Ratios which relate firm?s stock to its book value per share, cash flow and earnings are classified as_________?

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If we were studying a sample of 100 students and their examination performance and if the standard deviation of the list of results was say 14, then we could calculated the standard error by ___________?

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In internal rate of returns, discount rate which forces net present values to become zero is classified as__________?

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