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Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Quiz 13


Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Quiz 13

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What is the normal range of exit cone angle of a Venturimeter ?

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The velocity for subsonic flow in a pipeline________?

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The variable required to be known in correlations used for estimating the horse power of a centrifugal gas compressor and hence its cost is P. Inlet pressure Q. Compressor rpm R. Delivery pressure S. Volumetric flow rate at inlet ?

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The vent valve provided in a liquid handling centrifugal pump is_____?

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Unit of mass velocity is___________?

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What causes cavitation in centrifugal pump ?

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What causes convective acceleration in fluid flow ?

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Viscosity of water at 40?C lies in the range of_____?

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Theoretical head developed by a centrifugal pump does not depend upon the ______ the impeller?

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Very small pressure difference (< 5 mm water column) can be most conveniently measured by a/an ______ manometer?

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The velocity profile for turbulent flow through a closed conduit is________?

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Volute type of casing is provided in a centrifugal pump to_____?

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Upto what value of ?Mach number?, a fluid may be considered as incompressible ?

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Vena-contracta formed during flow of a liquid through an orificemeter has___________?

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Two piping system are said to be equivalent, when the _______ are same?

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Turbulent flow generally occurs for cases involving___________?

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Turbine impeller______?

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The velocity distribution in direction normal to the direction of flow in plane Poiseuille flow is_________?

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Unsteady uniform flow is represented by flow through a/an__________?

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What is the maximum theoretical suction lift (metres) of a reciprocating pump ?

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Viscosity of water is about ______ times that of air at room temperature?

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To handle smaller quantity of fluid at higher discharge pressure, use a _______ pump?

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Two liquids manometer is used for measuring small pressure differences in_____?

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The velocity profile exhibited by laminar flow of Newtonian fluids is such that the velocity distribution w.r.t. radius of the circular pipe is a/an _______ with the apex at the centre line of the pipe?

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Velocity head on sudden enlargement in a horizontal pipe is converted into _______ head?

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Venturimeters, orificemeters and nozzles are used to measure the fluid discharge from a pipeline. The average fluid velocity in a pipeline can be measured by a/an_________?

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What is the co-efficient of contraction, if a fluid jet discharging from a 50 mm diameter orifice has a 40 mm diameter at its vena-contracta ?

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Volume of liquid displaced by a floating body is equivalent to its__________?

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Various efficiencies of a centrifugal pump are related as (where, ?m = mechanical efficiency ?v = volumetric efficiency. ?ma = manometric efficiency ?o = overall efficiency) ?

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Vane anemometer ___________?

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Two dimensional stream function_________?

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Velocity at a certain point in case of streamline flow is__________?

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Velocity of liquid hydrocarbon fuels in a pipeline cannot be measured by magnetic flowmeters, because their _______ is very low/small?

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Volute of a centrifugal pump should be designed in a fashion, such that the_________?

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Unsteady non-uniform flow is represented by flow through a/an__________?

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Umf is the minimum fluidisation velocity for a bed of particles. An increase in the superficial gas velocity from 2 Umf to 2.5 Umf results in (all velocities are smaller than the entrainment velocity of the particles) no change in the________?

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Water flow rate in a pipe of 3.5 metres diameter can be most economically and conveniently measured by a/an _________?

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What is the normal range of exit cone angle of a Venturimeter ?

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The velocity profile for a Bingham plastic fluid flowing (under laminar conditions) in a pipe is___________?

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What is the force required (in Newtons) to hold a spherical balloon stationary in water at a depth of H from the air-water interface? The balloon is of radius 0.1 m and is filled with air ?

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Water hammer is caused, when water flowing in a pipe is suddenly brought to rest by closing the valve. The extent of pressure thus produced due to water hammer depends on the_____?

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Toothpaste is a___________?

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Vena-contracta pressure tapping is at a distance ________ from the position of an orificemeter fitted in a pipe of internal diameter ?d? ?

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What is the pipe called which lifts water from a reservoir to a greater height than the initial level in the supply reservoir ?

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Weber number is the ratio of inertial force to ______ force?

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Velocity distribution for flow between two fixed parallel plates__________?

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Venturimeter and orificemeter measures the ______ of the fluid?

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Transition length for turbulent flow in smooth pipe is equal to ______ times the pipe diameter?

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Water hammer in a pipeline results from the______?

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Transition length for a turbulent fluid entering into a pipe is around ______ times the pipe diameter?

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