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Furnace Technology Quiz 1


Furnace Technology Quiz 1

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If the flame is produced under the hearth and then sweeps up into the heating chamber, this is called a/an _______ furnace?

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Hearth furnaces are not used for______?

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Coke ovens in steel plant are heated by______?

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In case of pulverised coal fired steam boiler, the secondary air serves the main purpose of__________?

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Combustion of fuel in a furnace with oxygen enriched air results in higher___________?

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Ceramic recuperators compared to metallic recuperators for the same duty__________?

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Higher furnace temperature cannot be achieved by use of a lean fuel gas in the furnace by__________?

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In order to maintain an oxidising atmosphere in a furnace, it should have___________?

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Ceramic recuperators (made of SiC) is economical, only when used for preheating combustion air above ______ ?C?

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If fuel and air are mixed ahead of the burner, it is called a/an _______ burner?

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______ furnace is not an electric furnace?

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Design of waste heat boiler for recovery of waste heat from furnace gases depends upon the__________?

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Air filtration in a furnace_____?

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Fuel economy in an industrial furnace operation cannot be achieved by the use of___________?

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Furnace aerodynamics is related to the ______ in the furnace?

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An electric furnace producing heat by means of an electric arc struck between each of three electrodes and the charge is called _____ furnace?

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Dampers are located___________?

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Cement Kiln is a_____?

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In reverberatory furnace, charge is heated mainly by___________?

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In practical operation of any furnace, zero oxygen percentage or theoretical CO2 percentage in flue gas is rarely achieved, because of___________?

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Forced recirculation of furnace gases is practised________?

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In a muffle furnace, the muffle__________?

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Artificial draught produced by a fan in the furnace can be controlled by the_____?

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Advantages of use of preheated combustion air are___________?

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Circulation of gases in furnace is caused by the__________?

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An example of shaft furnace is the___________?

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_______ is an indirectly heated furnace?

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Flue gas outlet temperature from the chimney of any furnace should be ideally about _______ ?C?

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Heat balance of furnace provides means of determining the__________?

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Decarburisation of steel___________?

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Heat transfer takes place through a liquid medium surrounding the submerged material under heating, in case of a/an___________?

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In furnaces operating at very high temperature (say) 1250?C, e.g. soaking pit), the maximum heat transfer takes place by___________?

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Acid dew point temperature (ADT) of a flue gas produced by the combustion of a fuel containing 1% sulphur may be about _____ ?C?

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An example of recuperative furnace is the___________?

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Ceramic coating material for furnace refractory, which increases its emissivity and thus the radiation heat transfer rate in the furnace, comprises of__________?

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Furnace pressure is normally controlled by regulating the___________?

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Heat transfer rate to the charge/stock in a furnace does not depend upon the_________?

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A refractory wall separating the stock and the source of heat is provided in a___________?

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In a heating process, a heat flow diagram in which the quantities of heat in the various items of a heat balance are represented by the width of a band is called the___________?

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In salt bath furnace, heat is transferred to the charge mainly by ___________?

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Combustion of furnace oil in a furnace (soaking pit) with preheated combustion air at 400?C results in saving of about __________ percent furnace oil as compared to its combustion with atmospheric air, if the flue gas outlet temperature from the soaking pit is 1200?C ?

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An improved and fuel efficient version of the pusher type reheating furnace is the _______ furnace?

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An example of indirectly heated furnace is the__________?

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An example of a periodic furnace is the___________?

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Fuel economy in furnaces can be achieved by__________?

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Amount of coal lost in ash particle, which is carried through the boiler system, depends upon the___________?

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Example of an indirectly heated furnace is___________?

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In low or standard frequency induction furnace, heat is produced by the_________?

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______ atmosphere is maintained inside an iron blast furnace?

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Heat transfer rate to the stock/charge in the furnace does not depend upon the_________?

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