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HRM Quiz 2


HRM Quiz 2

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Which of the following department is responsible for handling safety & health issues of employees?

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Which of the following is not a type of information that should be provided by application forms?

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Which of the following would likely be the least effective method of recruiting internal job candidates?

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Strategic human resource management aims to achieve competitive advantage in the market through__________?

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Identifying and executing the firm?s mission by matching its capabilities with demands of its environment is the firm?s:

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Which of the following is not a function normally performed by the HR? department?

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Which of the following term is used to identify, ?what the job holder does?? ?how it is done?? & ?why it is done??

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Recruitment is widely viewed as a ___________ process?

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Human Resource Management aims to maximize employees as well as Organizational_________________?

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Advertisements through newspapers, TV, radio, professional journals and magazines are___________methods of recruitment.

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Which of the following is closely associated with strategic human resource management?

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Firing the non-performing employees, HR manager is said to perform the__________?

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The best hiring occurs when the goals of which of the following should consistent to each other?

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Internal recruitment has the potentiality to increase the of the employees.

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The HR policy which is based on the philosophy of the utmost good for the greatest number of people is covered under the_____________?

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___________ best defines how well a test or selection procedure measures a person?s attributes.

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Job descriptions are also called as____________?

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Which of the following component of attitude represents a person?s opinio?ns knowledge, and information?

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In comparing internal selection with external selection, an advantage of internal selection is that____________?

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Why does the Resource-based view of SHRM represent a paradigm shift in SHRM thinking?

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The thorough & detailed study.regarding jobs within an Organisation is represented by:__________?

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The process of choosing individuals who have re1evant qualifications to fill existing or projected job openings is__________?

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The focus of Human Resource Management revolves around____________?

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The biggest problem facing e-HR is the___________?

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HR?s basic challenges in formulating strategies include(s):________________?

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Which of the following statement represents ?effectiveness? ?

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When constructing the ad, it is important to consider how to best ________?

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When planning for employment requirements, what must be forecasted?

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Although many authors experience difficulty in distinguishing between personnel management and HRM, it can be argued that HRM is the elevation of personnel management to a more___________level.

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____________ is the main source of innovations?

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HR managers play vital role in___________?

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_____________examination may protect the company against unwarranted claims under workers compensation laws?

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Which of the following approach emphasizes the effect of psychological and social factors on employees? performance?

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Why Organisations provide, attractive salaries, fringe benefits, career development opportunities:

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Which one of the following responsibilities is specifically associated with the HR function of employee relations?

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Which of the following test indicates the person?s inclination towards a particular occupation that provides satisfaction to that individual?

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The process of developing an applicants? pool for job openings in an Organization is called____________

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The interview is used as a method for determining___________?

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. The best medium to reach a ?large audience for the process of recruitment is___________?

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Treating employees as precious human resources is the basis of the__________approach?

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Why are employers interested in employee engagement?

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What is meant by the term ?Management? by Objectives??

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Which of the following role a manager performs as a Resource allocator?

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Job Enrichment involves____________?

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Successful managers are__________?

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Creating an environment that facilitates a continuous and . two-way exchange of information between the superiors and the subordinates is the core of_____________?

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What are the ideas underpinning ?soft, commitment? or ?high-road? HRM practices?

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HRM is more___________ whereas Personnel Management is slightly narrow?

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Strategic management process usually consists of _________steps.

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Formulating and executing HR systems that produce employee competencies and behaviors needed to achieve the company?s strategic aims is/are_____________?

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