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HRM Quiz 3


HRM Quiz 3

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Human resource planning techniques include the use of some or all of the following?

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Which of these models is not a rational planning approach?

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The first step in the human resource planning process is ____________?

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Which of the following is not true of the activity known as job analysis?

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Executive recruiters are also called___________?

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The process which best defines the locating and, encouraging potential employees to apply for jobs is___________?

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A Competency consists of____________?

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Which approach that seeks the to link strategy, business, performance and HRM policies and practices, assumes that there are a number of HRM practices that are suitable for all Organisations?

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Which one of the following is NOT the advantage of Workforce Diversity?

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Job analysis produces which of the following, regardless of the technique used?

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Which Personnel association uses the idea of bundles of integral HRM practices?

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Using a structured interviewing technique would likely achieve all of the following except___________?

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The goal of this stage of HR intranet site development is to provide employees with a truly individualized experience based on their individual profiles?

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Which of the following emerged when individuals realized the strength they could gain by joining together to negotiate with employers?

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Vertical integration in relation to SHRM can be described as which of the following?

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Once a firm has a pool of applicants, the first step in Pre-screening is the_________?

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The written statement of the findings of job analysis is called __________?

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Why might there be some difficulty in identifying and applying the Best-practice approach to HRM in Organisations?

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Which of the following force makes an individual eligible to make decisions, give orders &. directing work activities of others?

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Which of the following department of an Orqanisation performs the managerial function of matching Orqanisational needs with the skills & abilities of the employees?

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Why do companies use external job searches instead of internal searches?

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HRP stands for___________?

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Tests that measure traits, temperament, or disposition are examples of___________?

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How often HR planning process is implemented within an Organisation?

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Which of the following statements most accurately defines human resource management?

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Career counseling ?is part of which of the following functions of HRM?

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Which of the following is a disadvantage of using an executive recruiter?

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How can high potential employees be developed for future positions?

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Which of the following is NOT a goal of HRM?

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The human resource management functions aims at____________?

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Which of the following approach emphasizes the? effect of psychological &. Social factors on employees? performance?

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Relationship between HRM & Management?

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HRM typically provides which of these types of training to temporary employees?

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Recruiting is necessary to_________?

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Increasing the number and variety of tasks assigned to a job is called__________?

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Campus Recruiting does not have the advantage of___________?

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HR Department maintains _________records.

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Which of the following is an example of operative function of HR managers?

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Mr. ?A? must decide what positions the firm should fill in the next six months. What activity is Mr. ?A? working on?

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The extent to which an employment selection test provides consistent results is known as:__________?

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The most popular method of recruiting applicants to jobs is_________?

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Which of the following is a key HR role as defined by Ulrich et al (2009)?

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The characteristics of human resources are _____________in nature?

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In which stage of HR intranet site development are multiple sites linked together to create a seamless experience for the individual?

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The unstructured interview:___________?

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The number of people hired for a particular job compared to the number of individuals in the applicant pool is often expressed as________?

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In the future, HR managers will have to deal with all of the following workforce changes, except

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The advantage of external recruiting is that:___________?

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In strategic human resource management, HR strategies are generally aligned with______________?

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Which of the following functions of HRM deals with ?Collective Bargaining??

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