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Judiciary And Law Quiz 28


Judiciary And Law Quiz 28

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A person can appoint pleader for litigation by singing_______________?

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Section 54 of the control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997 deals with _____________?

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About a________ before the final release of a conditionally released prisoner fall due to the Parole Officer shall send to the Assistant Director the final release statement in form (3.23) and shall apply for his final release order ?

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Which one of the following ?Land Reform Regulation Act? has put an upper ceiling of 500 irrigated and 1000 unirrigated acres on land in Pakistan?

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As per O. XXIII R. 1 of C.P.C. after institution of a suit plaintiff can withdraw suit________________?

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Section___________ of the National Accountability Ordinance, 1999 deals with protection of witnesses?

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O. XXVI Rule 19 of C.P.C deals with issuance of commission by__________________?

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It is provided in section _________, Cr.P.C that no person who has been arrested by police officer shall be discharged except on his own bond or on bail or under special order of Magistrate?

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As per Article 18(4), all registered cases shall be investigated by the investigation staff in the district under the supervision of______________?

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Article 3C stress upon police to behave with public with_______________?

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Evidence produced through audio cassette is__________________?

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As per section 498C whoever compels or arranges or facilitates the marriage of a women with the Holy Quran shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to__________________?

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A agrees to buy from B a certain horse. It turns out that the horse was dead at the time of the bargain though neither party was aware of the fact the agreement is______________?

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Tenth Amendment of the Constitution amended ____________ Articles?

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Section 19A deals with information from__________________?

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The committing or threatening to commit any act forbidden by the Pakistan Penal Code, or the unlawful detaining or threatening to detain any property to the prejudice of any person whatever with intention of causing any person to enter into an agreement is called_______________?

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All fees referred to in section 3, or chargeable under the Court Fees Act, shall be collected by stamps as provided in________________?

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Definition of agent is provided in section _________________ of the Contract Act, 1872?

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Order 35 of the Executive Orders on Parole, 1934 bound Parole Officer to keep register regarding________________?

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Upon recommendation of release under Rule 3 of the Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Rules, 1927 the Government may permit to release prisoner by licence under section _____________ of the Act?

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A contract to pay B Rs. 10,000 if B?s house is burnt the contract is________________?

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Order XLVIII, of C.P.C. deals with________________?

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O. XXXV, contains ___________ Rules?

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The Cr.P.C 1898 is a ___________ law?

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Article _____, of the Police Order, 2002 empowers Provincial Police Officer to make rules with the approval of the Government, may by notification in the Official gazette make rules for carrying into effect the provision of this Order_______________?

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Offence Against Property (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance, 1979 was came into force on________________?

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Constitution of 1962 declared ___________________ as Capital of the country?

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The term ?Opium? means______________?

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The Code of Civil Procedure, contains ___________________ sections?

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By Article 226 of the Constitution of 1962 Field Marshal Ayub Khan was become the First ___________ of Pakistan?

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__________ Can granting punishment for defective investigation ?

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C.P.C. is not applicable to________________?

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According section 234, three offences of same kind within __________ may be charged together?

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A Police Officer of the rank of ________________ may be appointed by Provincial Government as Provincial Police Officer of the Province?

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chedule Part-I of the Family Courts Act describe________, types of family suits?

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A holds certain stock in trust for B.A wrongfully disposes of the stock. The law creates an obligation on A to restore the same and if A fails B.can ?

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Section 20 of the Offence Against Property Ordinance deals with Harrabah liable to_________________?

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The Bailment in which neither party is entitled to any remuneration is called___________?

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Article 214 of the Contract Act, bound an agent to communicate with ______________ in cases of difficulty?

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Order____________, of C.P.C. deals with execution of order of Federal Court?

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Sections 462A to 462F, P.P.C. deals with offences relating to__________________?

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Under section ______, accused shall answer the question after completion of prosecution witnesses?

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The Contract Act, 1872 consists ________________ sections?

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As per Article 20(1), the Federal Government shall post a police officer not below the rank of _________ as Commandant of the National Police Academy?

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Reciprocal promises should be performed ____________________?

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Definition of harrabah is given in section____________, of the Offence Against Property Ordinance, 1979?

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As per Order 46 of the Executive Orders on Parole, 1934 casual leave may be granted to parolee under_______________?

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Where a question arises as to whether any person is or is not the legal representatives of the deceased plaintiffs or defendants such question shall be determined by__________________?

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As per section 32, of the National Accountability Ordinance time limitation for filing appeal against Accountability Court order before the High Court is ________________ days?

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A continuing guarantee may at any time be revoked by the surety as to future transaction by giving notice to ________________?

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