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Judiciary And Law Quiz 31


Judiciary And Law Quiz 31

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As per section 17-B, Family Court may issue commission to_____________________?

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When a complaint is made before a Magistrate regarding cognizable offence he shall record the statement of complainant ?

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Order X of C.P.C. deals with___________________?

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If a designation of cardon area is made orally the __________ making it shall confirm it in writing as soon as is reasonably practicable ?

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___________ is an injury on head of the person where by causing fracture of the skull of the victim and the wound ruptures the membrane of the brain ?

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As per Order VII, Rule 3, of C.P.C. where the subject matter of the suit is immovable property the plaint shall________________?

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An appeal against the order of a Special Court comprising a judicial Magistrate shall lie to_____________?

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When any party make application to the Court for issuance of local commission underO. XXVI Rule 2, the application______________________?

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A contract to do or not to do something if some event collateral to such contract does or does not happen is called___________________?

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In formation of 1st Constitution ___________ played very important role?

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In criminal cases no fees shall be charged for serving and executing processes on behalf of prosecution as provided in_______________?

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Section 489-A, of P.P.C. deals with___________________?

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Section ___________ deals with sale of noxious food or drink?

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Under Order 11 of the Executive Orders on Parole, 1934 the licences of the prisoners whose parole release has been sanctioned by the Government will be prepared in triplicate in___________________?

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As per section 25(10) while hearing an appeal, the Bench shall not grant more than___________ consecutive adjournments ?

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___________ Government makes rules for sale of stamps?

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Section 167, Cr.P.C, bars that the accused shall not be kept out of the prison while in custody of the police between?

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Section 19, of the National Accountability Ordinance, 1999 deals with________________?

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Revocation of licence of a prisoner is dealt by Rule__________ of the Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Rule, 1927?

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An order of acquittal under section 245(1) Cr.P.C is appealable under section_________________?

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Section 338, Cr.P.C empowers ___________ to grant or tender pardon at any stage of the case?

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In special cases parties claiming to be interested in decision of any question of fact or law may enter into_____ in writing stating such question in the form of case for opinion of the Court __________________?

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Where a suit or proceeding is set down for a day which is holiday the parties thereto shall appear in the court on the day following that day as provided in__________________?

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No member of Provincial Assembly shall be arrested wthout taking into consideration the recommendation of________________?

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An officer of Army if he is unable to sue or defend any suit due to leave he may sue or defend any suit through___________________?

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Column No. 2, of 2nd Schedule of Cr.P.C shows_____________?

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A an accused of a murder alleges that by reason of unsoundness of mind he did not know the nature of the act the burden of proof is on ?

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In case surety bonds of a person are forfeited by court under section 514, Cr.P.C the person can be imprisoned for imprisonment of _________________?

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Where plaintiff rely on any other documents as evidence in support of his claim he shall enter such documents in__________________?

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Section_________ to_________ of the Contract Act, deals with principal?s duty to agent?

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In Pakistan________ time limit is for examination?

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Constitution of 1973 was amended by the Thirteenth Amendment on___________________?

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Whoever knowingly possesses, acquire, use, convert, assign or transfer any assets which have been derived from narcotic offence shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to ?

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The suits relating to land or to any right or interest in land is called_____________?

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Article 118, empowers ___________ to issue orders for the maintenance of public order or preventing public nuisance?

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The expenses of local commissions to be paid_______________?

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O. XVIII, contains ____________ Rules?

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When a Director General or authorized officer makes application for forfeiture of the assets of accused the application must contain______________?

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Section 294, P.P.C. deals with offence of___________________?

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As per section 4(2), of The Sale of Goods Act, a contract of sale may be _________________?

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When any witness turndown and record his evidence against the interest of the party who produce it the party can make an application to the Court for declaring such person (witness) as________________?

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The Code of Civil Procedure was enacted on___________________?

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Section 8(1)(c) bounds the plaintiff that he while summoning to defendant attach copy of__________ with summons?

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As per Article 18(1), the head of investigation in a general police area shall be _________________?

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Which Articles of the Constitution deals with formation of Public Service Commission ?

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Definition of unpaid seller is provided in Section _________ of The Sale of Goods Act, 1930?

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As per section 498B whoever coerces or in any manner whatsoever compels a women to enter into marriage shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ________________?

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As per Order 15, of the Executive Orders on Parole, 1934 as soon as release of a prisoners on parole is sanctioned, the Superintendent of the Jail where prisoner is confined shall be requested in form___________ to transfer him to the concentration Jail concerned?

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Any person who commits an offence by using uniform of a prohibited organization shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to______________?

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Section 174, of Cr.P.C deals with______________?

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