Judiciary And Law Quiz 32


Judiciary And Law Quiz 32

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Section 468, P.P.C. deals with__________________?

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For filing a suit of public nusance the consent of __________________ is required?

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Arbitration council constituted under Muslim Family laws Ordinance, 1961 will not be regulated by ?

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The facts and issues raised in pleading needs to be proved by___________________?

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Whoever destroys, damages or defiles any place of worship, or any object held sacred by any class of persons with intention of thereby insulting the religion of any class he shall be pubished_________________?

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O. IX-A of C.P.C. deals with_____________________?

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In cases with no criminological beckground or suspicion, the dead body is the property of______________?

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There are______________ causes of syncope?

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As per section 4B if an order of acquittal is passed by an Anti-Terrorism Court in any case instituted upon complaint and the High Court on an application made to it by the complainant in this behalf grant special leave to appeal from __________ days present such an appeal to the High Court?

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Punishment for counterfeiting Pakistani coin as provided in Section 232, P.P.C. is____________________?

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Section 5(p) of the National Accountability Ordinance, defines_______________?

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For theft liable to hadd the theft should have been committed from_______________?

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What is the limitation period to contest an award in revenue cases?

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Medical evidence are of__________ kinds?

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The decree of a Family Court shall be executed by________________?

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All statements which the Court permits or requires to be made before it by witnesses in relation to matters of fact under inquiry, such statements are called___________?

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Which sentence from the following can not be suspended or remitted by Provincial Government ?

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Under Order 22, the Parole Officer should examine the history ticket before taking the delivery of the prisoners from the jail and the cases of the following should be reported to Assistant Director for orders before taking the delivery_________________?

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In a suit for foreclosure if the plaintiff succeded the Court shall pass a_______________?

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The powers of ___________ Magistrate have been conferred on every Judge of the Family Court?

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Order X of C.P.C. have ___________________ Rules?

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Where review petition is rejected due to non appearance of applicant it can be restored ___________________?

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Constitution of 1956 provided _________ form of election?

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A judgment or order needs to be pronounced_______________________?

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Section 10 of the Offence of Zina Ordinance is repealed by____________________?

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If a Court by which an offender is bound by a bond under section 5 of the Probation of Offenders Ordinance, 1960 has reason to believe that the offender has failed to observe any of the condition of his bond, it may issue ?

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The term ?Fraud? means ?

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A document sent by a Court to compel a witness to attend the Court on a given time place along with his reports is called______________?

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An injury resulting from penis, finger needle lead is____________ type of abrasion?

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Order 49 of the Executive Orders on Parole, 1934 deals with_________________?

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The Constitution of 1956 was consisting ________ Articles, and _________, parts?

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No private organization capable of functioning as a military organization shall be formed and any such organization shall be illegal as provided in Article ___________ of the Constitution ?

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Whoever causes jurh in which the injury extends to the body cavity of the trunk, is said to cause __________________?

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Under O. XVI Rule 14 of C.P.C. the Court can summon on its own accord to witnesses ___________ to suit ?

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Section 512, Cr.P.C deals with __________ trial?

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The term ?value? used with reference to a suit means the amount or value of the_____________?

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There are__________ ribs on each side of human body?

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Article _______, of the Police Order, deals with functions of Federal Police Complaint Authority?

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Autopsis are performed on exhumed bodies in________________?

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Cannabis resin is also known as______________?

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The relevant provision of Court Fees Act, 1870 for refunding of fee on application for review of judgment is_________________?

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Any person who damages or destructs any transmission or transportation lines by an act of subversion by explosive material or in other manner shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to ___________________?

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Expulsion of the products of conception before_________ weeks of pregnancy is called abortion?

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Drowning is___________ type of death?

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O. XIX of C.P.C. contains ______________ Rules?

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The word ?Tazir? is derived from__________________?

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A?s son has forged B?s name to a promissory note. B under threat of prosecuting A?s son obtain a bond from A for the amount of the forged note. If B sues on this bond ?

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Under Section 143, A Magistrate of 1st Class may order any person not to repeat or continue, a public nuisance as defined in___________?

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Administration of police is dealt by Article _______________ of the Police Order, 2002?

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Rule 9(b) of the Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Rules, 1927 deals with conditional release of prisoners whose age on the date of their latest sentence does not exceeds ?

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