Judiciary And Law Quiz 37


Judiciary And Law Quiz 37

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As per section 2(r) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 public servants shall have the same meanings as in section 2, of the_________________?

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Copies of document made by mechanical process which themselves insure the accuracy of the copy and copies compared with such copies are_____________?

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In case of trial or inquiry Magistrate got opinion that accused is of unsound mind incapable of his deence he will __________ the further proceeding?

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The powers provided under section 21, of the Control of Narcotics Substances Act, can be enjoyed by an officer not below the rank of______________?

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Time limitation for the payment of the amount of a decree by installments is__________________?

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The pupa convert into adult in_____________ days in dead body?

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As per section 5 (1)(b) any female convicted of any offence other than an offence punishable with death can___________?

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Section 4 of the Control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997 deals with ?

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The accused has________ to produce witnesses, cross-examinery witnesses either himself or through his counsel before Coroner Court?

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Section_________ of the Control of Narcotics Substances Act, 1997 provides punishment for contravention of section 6, 7 and 8?

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Section 56 of the Specific Relief Act, describe conditions when_________________?

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Modes of transfer of executing decree is provided in___________________?

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Maggots or larvae are produced in dead body within______________ hours?

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Where commission is issued under Order XXVI, the Court shall direct that the parties of the suit shall appear before the Commissioner ?

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The report send by officer incharge under Section 157, of Cr.P.C shall be submitted to magistrate by _________________?

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Whoever, without any intention to cause death of, or cause harm to, any person, does any lawful act which becoms a cause for the death of another person is said to commit_________________?

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As per Order XLVIII, Rule 1, every process issued and shall be served at the expense of_________________?

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A parent or a person who has actual care of the child and includes such relative who is willing to bear the responsibility of the child is called_________________?

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Police Order, 2002 was promulgated by______________?

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In criminal cases past character of a person is________________?

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Whoever without any intention to cause death of or causes harm to, a person, causes death of such person either by mostake of act or by mistake of fact, is said to commit ____________________?

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Section 8 of the Limitation Act deal with___________________?

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Every summon issued by a Court under Cr.P.C shall be in writing in duplicate and must be signed and sealed by the?

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Order X, Rule 3, is not applicable to_______________?

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Robbery become dacoity when it is committed by________________?

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As per Rule 2(f) of the Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Rules, 1927 ?Assistant Director? means ?

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Article _______ to ______ of the Police Order, 2002 deals with National Public Safety Commission?

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The procedure for rejection of plaint is provided ______________________?

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Trivial name of ALFETAMINE is______________?

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Unauthorized person can not addressed to High Court while exercising it original civil jurisdiction as provided in section ?

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Whoever causes pain, harm, disease, infirmity or injury to any person or impairs, disables, disfigures, defaces or dismembers any organ of the body or part therof any person without causing his death is said to______________________?

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The charge shall be written in_________________?

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Article____________ to ____________ of The Qanun-e-Shahadat deals with leading questions ?

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The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 is based on ______________?

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The section _________ of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 which deals with transfer of cases?

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Time limitation for filing application to became legal representative due to death of defendant or respondent is___________________?

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For theft liable to hadd the stolen property should be of the value of________________?

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The Qisas and Diyat Ordinances were enforced in Pakistan on___________?

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When defendant refuse or keeping out of the way for the purpose of avoiding service or Court is satisfied that summons can not be served in ordinary way than Court will order for the service of summons in___________________?

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The material obtained after poppy straw has been subjected to a process for the concentration of its alkaloids is called__________________?

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Punishment for shajjah-i-mudiah is given in section_________________?

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Article 132 of Qanun-e-Shahadat deals with__________________?

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Sixth amendment was published in official Gazette on_______________?

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The section dealing with Deputy Chairman, National Accountability Bureau is___________________?

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Agreement contingent on impossible events are________________?

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Wound is divided in_______________?

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If a person for attendance of whom proclamation was made intentionally not appear before Court the Court will make ___________________?

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The contract of guarantee is a contract in which a person perform the promise or discharge the liability of__________________?

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Capital City District Public Safety Commission consist ______________ members?

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As per section 15B of the National Accountability ordinance, 1999 any person apply for or be granted or allow any financial facilities in the form of any loan of advanced or other financial accommodation by any Bank of Financial institution owned or controlled by Government for a period of______________________?

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