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Judiciary And Law Quiz 51


Judiciary And Law Quiz 51

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The specialist of skin is called_____________?

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In charge section of Law against which the offence is said to has been committed ?

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What is the time period of limitation for a land lord to recover possession from a tenant ?

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The right of a person to stand, or not to stand as or withdraw from being a candidate or to vote or refrain from voting at an election is called _____________ of that persons ?

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A decree may be executed either by___________________?

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Article 164 of the Qanun-e-Shahadat deals with production of evidence that become available due to______________?

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As per Rule 2(c) of the Good Conduct & Prisoners Probational Release Rules, 1927 ?Government? means____________?

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The amount of fee payable under the Court Feeds Act, 1870 on a memorandum of appeal against an order relating to compensation under any Act for the time being in force for the acquisition of land for public purposes shall be computed_______________?

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Order IV, of C.P.C deals with__________________?

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The Deputy Chairman of NAB shall hold office for a period of________________?

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When respiratory system of body stops functioning first is called_____________?

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Section 11-Q of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 dals with forfeiture of ___________ property?

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A fee offered to a medical practitioner to cover necessary travelling expenses by the Court is called______________?

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Section of the Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Act, 1926 empowers __________ Government to release a prisoner?

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The Accountability Court shall not take cognizance of any offence under the ordinance except on a reference made by_________________?

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Any instrument (other than a will or codicil as defined by the Indian Succession Act) whereby the destination or devolution of successive interest in movable and immovable property is disposed of or is agreed to be disposed of is called ?

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Order 8, of the Executive Orders on Parole, 1934 deals with duty of ________________ for preparation of roll of prisoners to be released on parole?

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Whoever does anything with the intention of causing wrongful gain to one person or wrongful loss to another person, is said to do that thing_______________?

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The goods identified and agreed upon at the time a contract of sale is made are called_______________?

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As per O. IX, Rule 2, of C.P.C. where summons not served in consequence of plaintiff failure to pay cost, the Court ?

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Section ______, Cr.P.C deals with plea of accused?

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Section 21-H of the nti-Terrorism Act, 1997 empowers________ to question the person making confession?

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As per O. VIII, R. 6, particular of set off to be given in___________________?

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A slmkes his fist at Z, intending or knowing it to be likely that he may thereby cause Z to believe that A is about to strike Z. A, has committed _________________?

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Rule _________ of the Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Rules, 1927 deals with duties of Parole Officer?

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O._________ of C.P.C. deals with adjournments ?

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Any person whose name is notified in the list entered in the Fourth Schedule under sub-section 1(I) of section 11-EE by any direction or order of the Federal or Provincial Government made under sub-section (2) of section 11-EE may file an appeal to_______________?

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Every force is subservient to Pakistan as commanded by_________ articles of the Constitution 1973?

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Emergency may be declared under which article of Constitution of Pakistan 1973?

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Qanun-e-Shahadat 1984, contains______________?

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Whoever causes, hurt by corrosive substance shall be punished with imprisonment for__________________?

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Half of the members of the National Public Safety Commission shall be nominated by the Speaker of National Assembly from its members 3 from treasury and three from opposition in consultation with __________________?

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When the skin is crushed as a result of constant or high pressure this type of abrasion is called_____________?

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Legal disability is provided in section__________ of the Limitation Act, 1908?

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Punishment for qatl-i-amd as tazir is____________________?

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House-trespass after preparation for hurt assault or wrongful restraint is dealt by________________?

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Free consent is defined in section_______________ of the Contract Act?

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Order VII, Rule 1 of C.P.C. contains____________________?

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___________ is essential requirement for witnesses in hadood cases ?

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During the investigation U/S __________, police officer can summon any person to attend investigation?

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Section_____ of the Probation of Offenders Ordinance, 1960 deals with power of Court to make a probation order in certain cases?

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The right to sue for the hire of boat accurse to A during his minority. He attains majority four years after such accrual. He may institute his suit at any time within__________________?

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Order XXXVIII, Rule 1 deals with___________________?

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As provided in section 273, P.P.C. whoever sells noxious food or drink shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to_________________?

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Section 2(m) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 defines_______________?

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The most center of nerves are in______________?

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As per order 55___________________?

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As per Rule 4_______________?

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Supreme Judicial Council consists upon how many members including Chief Justice of Pakistan ?

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Section 9, Cr,P.C. empowers ______ with power of establishment of Court of Session Judge and Assistant Session Judges?

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