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Mass Transfer Quiz 5


Mass Transfer Quiz 5

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In an absorber, HETP does not vary with the______?

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In an operating distillation column, the________?

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If moisture content of solid on dry basis is X, then the same on wet basis is______?

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In a forced draft cooling tower, water is cooled from 95 to 80?F by exposure to air with a wet bulb temperature of 70?F. In this case, the__________?

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In a solution containing 0.30 Kg mole of solute and 600 kg of solvent, the molality is_________?

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If xD = overhead product molal composition and RD = reflux ratio, then slope and intercept of the operating line for rectifying section are respectively ?

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In case of constant underflow extraction operation, the _________ at all solute concentration?

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In a binary system, separation is very efficient, when the relative volatility is________?

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If f = moles of vapour present per mole of feed, then the slope of feed line is (McCabe- Thiele method) __________?

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In a packed bed absorption column, the channelling will be noted by the ______?

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If the specific heats of a gas and a vapor are 0.2KJ/Kg.?K and 1.5 KJ/Kg.?K respectively, and the humidity is 0.01; the humid heat in KJ/?Kg. is_________?

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In case of binary distillation, increasing the reflux ratio above optimum does not result in the increase of_________?

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In an absorption column, the flooding velocity for random packing is _____ that for stacked/regular packing?

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In case of absorption, both the operating and equilibrium lines will be straight for_______?

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If the path of liquid across the plate is very long as in case of large diameter tower, Murphree efficiency can be ________ percent?

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Humidification involves mass transfer between a pure liquid phase and a fixed gas, which is_____?

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In case of absorption & stripping, the interface of the liquid & gas phases are present in equilibrium, when the diffusional resistance of ________ is zero?

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In a distillation operation, what is the effect of the temperature of the reflux stream (given below) on the condenser and reboiler loads? Reflux conditions: (i) Reflux stream is completely liquid and is at its bubble point. (ii) Reflux stream is below its bubble point ?

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Humidity chart is useful for the solution of problems concerning condensation, vaporisation and air conditioning. At a given dry bulb temperature, value of humidity obtained from the humidity chart directly, is in terms of ________ humidity?

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In a counter-current liquid extractor_____?

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If the overall efficiency and Murphree plate efficiency are equal, then both the equilibrium and operating lines are________?

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If the solubilities of different components (in a liquid-liquid extraction system) increase with rise in temperature, then the temperature above which they dissolve completely is known as the critical solution temperature (CST or consolute temperature). If solubilities increase with decrease in temperature, then CST is the temperature below which they dissolve completely. If a binary system has no critical solution temperature, it implies that_____?

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Humid volume is the total volume in m3 of 1 kg of _______?

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In a packed tower, the value of HETP equals HTUOG, when the equilibrium and the operating lines are (where, HETP = height equivalent to a theoretical plate HTUOG = overall gas phase height of a transfer unit) ?

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In a packed absorption tower, if the equilibrium and operating lines are both straight lines, then the ratio, HETP/HTUOG _______ the absorption factor?

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Hydrogenation of oil is carried out in a/an ________ in Vanaspati manufacturing plant?

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In an interphase mass transfer process, the lesser the solubility of a given solute in a liquid, the higher are the chances that the transfer process will be__________?

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In a gas-liquid absorption column, for obtaining the maximum absorption efficiency_____?

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In case of absorption with exothermic reaction, for fluids having _____?

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In a single stage extraction process, 10 kg of pure solvent S (containing no solute A) is mixed with 30 kg of feed F containing A at a mass fraction xf = 0.2. The mixture splits into an extract phase E and a raffinate phase R containing A at xB = 0.5 and xR = 0.05 respectively. The total mass of the extract phase is (in Kg) ?

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Humidity chart is useful for the solution of problems concerning condensation, vaporisation and air conditioning. At a given dry bulb temperature, value of humidity obtained from the humidity chart directly, is in terms of ________ humidity?

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In a gas-liquid absorption column, for obtaining the maximum absorption efficiency______?

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In case of an unsaturated mixture of gas and vapor, the percentage saturation is ___________ its relative saturation?

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In a vapor-liquid contacting equipment, the overall gas phase mass transfer co-efficient (M.T.C), KG is related to individual co-efficients (KG and KL) as _____ ?

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In case of an absorber, the operating ________?

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In a binary distillation column, if the feed contains 40 mole % vapour, the q line will have a slope of__________?

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If Rm is the minimum reflux ratio, the optimum reflux ratio may be around __________ Rm ?

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In a distillation column, with increase in the reflux ratio, the heat removed in the cooler ________?

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If G = insoluble gas in gas stream and L = non-volatile solvent in liquid stream, then the slope of the operating line for the absorber is_____?

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In a counter-current extractor, as the axial mixing increases, the extraction efficiency________?

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In case of a desorber (stripper), the_________?

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In case of an ideal solution, the total vapor pressure varies _______ with the composition expressed as mole fraction?

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Humid volume, at a given temperature is a/an ________ function of humidity?

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If a two phase system is in physical equilibrium; then it means that, the_______?

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In Azeotropic mixture, the equilibrium vapour composition is______?

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If a1 and a2 are the relative volatilities when the pressure in the distillation column is 1 and 2 atm respectively. Pick out the correct statement ?

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In case of _______ distillation, a solvent is added to alter the relative volatility of the mixture to be separated?

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In a moderately sized packed absorption tower, channelling (which is most severe with stacked packings) can be minimised by taking the ratio of tower diameter to packing diameter ?

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If the amount of the steam used in steam distillation is increased, the temperature of distillation___________?

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Hypersorption refers to a _________ process?

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