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Mathematics Quiz 11

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Two-fifth of one-third of three-seventh of a number is 15. What is 40% of that number?

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The diagonal of a square is 4?2cm. The diagonal is another square whose area is double that of the first square is__________?

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The volumes of two cones are in the ratio 1 : 10 and the radii of the cones are in the ratio of 1 : 2. What is the length of the wire?

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Find the compound interest accrued on an amount of Rs.14,800 at 13.5% p.a at the end of two years. (Round off your answer to nearest integer)

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If a flat costs Rs.4500 per sq. ft, and a commercial space costs Rs.9500 per sq. ft, then what is the ratio of their areas if the total cost of both are the same?

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Ramees sold two bicycles, each for Rs.990. If he made 10% profit on the first and 10% loss on the second, what is the total cost of both bicycles?

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In a school of 850 boys, 44% of Muslims, 28% Hindus, 10% Sikhs and the remaining of other communities. How many belonged to the other communities?

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Who is Called the Father of Calculus?

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A sum of money amounts to Rs. 10648 in 3years and Rs. 9680 in 2 years. The rate of interest is_________?

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The sum of squares of three numbers is 280. If the numbers are in the ratio 3:5:6, find the greatest number.

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Anees spends 40% of his income on rent, 30% of the remaining on medicines and 20% of the remaining on education. If he saves Rs. 840 every month, then find his monthly salary?

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In how many different ways can four books A, B, C and D be arranged one above another in a vertical order such that the books A and B are never in continuous position?

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A bag contains 50 paise, 1 rupee and 2 rupee coins in the ratio 2:5:8. If the total amount is Rs. 352, find the total number of coins in the bag.

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A man purchased 3 blankets @ Rs.100 each, 5 blankets @ Rs.150 each and two blankets at a certain rate which is now slipped off from his memory. But he remembers that the average price of the blankets was Rs.150. Find the unknown rate of two blankets?

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A man whose speed is 4.5 kmph in still water rows to a certain upstream point and back to the starting point in a river which flows at 1.5 kmph, find his average speed for the total journey?

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The length of a rectangular plot is thrice its breadth. If the area of the rectangular plot is 867 sq m, then what is the breadth of the rectangular plot?

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A rectangular carpet has an area of 60 sq.m its diagonal and longer side together equal 5 times the shorter side. The length of the carpet is:_________?

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A 6% stock yields 8%. The market value of the stock is___________?

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A sum of money amounts to Rs 9800 after 5 years and Rs. 12005 after 8 years at the same rate of simple interest. The rate of interest per annum is :

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What annual installment will discharge a debt of Rs 1092 due in 3 years at 12% simple interest?

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A man can row 9 1/3 km/hr in still water and he finds that is thrice as much time to row u p than as to row down the same distance in river. The speed of the current is:________?

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If a square and a rhombus stand on the same base then the ratio of the areas of the squares and the rhombus is:_________?

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A began business with Rs.45000 and was joined afterwards by B with Rs.5400. When did B join if the profits at the end of the year were divided in the ratio of 2:1?

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The edges of a cuboid are 4 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm. Find the volume of the cuboid?

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The smallest number which when divided by 20, 25, 35 and 40 leaves a remainder of 14, 19, 29 and 34 respectively is________?

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[(62.25/2.5) + (12.5/0.5)] / [(0.75 * 9) + (3.5 * 3.5)] = _________?

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A trader marked the selling price of an article at 10% above the cost price. At the time of selling, he allows certain discount and suffers a loss of 1%. He allowed a discount of :

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The area of a circle is increased by 22Sq.cm when it?s radius is increased by 1cm. The original radius of the circle is_________?

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How many meters of carpet 50cm, wide will be required to cover the floor of a room 30m * 20m?

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A mixture of 70 litres of milk and water contains 10% water. How many litres of water should be added to the mixture so that the mixture contains 12 1/2% water?

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The ratio of the volumes of a cube to that of the sphere which will fit inside the cube is________?

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A jogger running at 9 kmph alongside a railway track in 240 metres ahead of the engine of a 120 metres long train running at 45 kmph in the same direction. In how much time will the train pass the jo??er?

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The length of a rectangle is increased by 10 % and breadth decreased by 10 % Then the area of a new rectangle is:_________?

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A man buys an article for 10% less than its value and sells it for 10% more than its value. His gain or loss percent is:________?

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Two pipes can separately fill a tank in 20 and 30 hours respectively. Both the pipes are opened to fill the tank but when the tank is full, a leak develops in the tank through which one-third of water supplied by both the pipes goes out. What is the total time taken to fill the tank?

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The average of 11 numbers is 10.9. If the average of first six is 10.5 and that of the last six is 11.4 the sixth number is_____________?

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Find the roots of quadratic equation: 2x2?+ 5x + 2 = 0?

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If in a box of dimensions 6 m * 5 m * 4 m smaller boxes of dimensions 60 cm * 50 cm * 40 cm are kept in it, then what will be the maximum number of the small boxes that can be kept in it?

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A father left a will of Rs.35 lakhs between his two daughters aged 8.5 and 16 such that they may get equal amounts when each of them reach the age of 21 years. The original amount of Rs.35 lakhs has been instructed to be invested at 10% p.a. simple interest. How much did the elder daughter get at the time of the will?

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A big rectangular plot of area 4320 Sq.m is divided into 3 square shaped smaller plots by fencing parallel to the smaller side of the plot. However, some area of land was still left as a square plot could not be formed. So 3 more square shaped plots were formed by fencing parallel to the longer side of the original plot. Such that no area of the plot was left a surplus. What are the dimensions of the original plot?

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3 men and 7 women can complete a work in 10 days . But 4 men and 6 women need 8 days to complete the same work . In how many days will 10 women complete the same work?

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A, B and C are partners in a business. Their capitals are respectively, Rs.5000, Rs.6000 and Rs.4000. A gets 30% of the total profit for managing the business. The remaining profit is divided among three in the ratio of their capitals. In the end of the year, the profit of A is Rs.200 more than the sum of the profits of B and C Find the total profit.

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The value of a machine depreciates at 20% per annum. If its present value is Rs. 1,50,000, at what price should it be sold after two years such that a profit of Rs. 24,000 is made?

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At the end of three years what will be the compound interest at the rate of 10% p.a. on an amount of Rs.20000?

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P can do a work in 24 days. Q can do the same work in 9 days and R can do the same in 12 days. Q and R start the work and leave after 3 days. P finishes the remaining work in_________days.

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If the side of a square is increased by 25% then it?s area is increased by_________?

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The curved surface of a sphere is 64 ? cm2. Find its radius?

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Three numbers which are co-prime to each other are such that the product of the first two is 551 and that of the last two is 1073. The sum of the three numbers is________?

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In an examination 38% of students fail in English and 61% pass in Urdu and 23% fail in both. Find the actual failure percentage?

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The ratio of the area of a square to that of the square drawn on its diagonal is_________?

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