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MGT613 Final Term Quiz 1


MGT-613 Final Term Quiz 1

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A business process is a logical set of tasks or activities that:

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Aggregate planning usually covers time span of how many months?

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?Respect for worker? is the basic principle of which of the following management systems?

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(FCFS) rule of sequencing which of the following is average flow time?

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All of the following are examples of quantitative forecasting EXCEPT:

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ABC Corporation has planned to purchase a new machine. Total annual fixed cost is Rs. 10,000, variable cost is Rs. 5 per unit and revenue is Rs. 7 per unit. What would be the break even point?

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A purchaser needs unique, low-money value part. This part is a critical component of a product manufactured by the purchaser. The part is patented and can only be obtained from two suppliers and is often on back order. The purchaser?s company does not have expertise in the manufacturing of this particular component. In this scenario what is the most appropriate action for the purchaser?

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_________ is a user of resources to transform inputs into some desired outputs.

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All of the following are determinants of re-order point EXCEPT:

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A digital camera assured to work accurately up to the specified period of time is an example of which of the following?

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300 hours between repairs, and the mean repair time is expected to be 2 hours?

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?A?, where the carrying cost is Rs. 5 per unit?

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_________ is an optimistic approach.

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All of the following are examples of time based strategies EXCEPT:

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All of the following are determinants of quality EXCEPT:

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A company is operating under a continuous review system. It has an average demand of 50 units per week for the item it produces. The lead time for the item is 6 weeks, and it costs the company $30 to process each order. The holding cost for each unit is $10 per year. The company operates 52 weeks per year. What is the economic order quantity (EOQ) for this item?

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A retail store has spent a handsome amount on installation of "electronic article surveillance" systems to prevent theft or removal of different articles that have not been paid for. The company has incurred which type of cost?

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A supply chain which is driven by customer?s orders and purchases is known as______.

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A workers strike represents which of the following behaviors of a time series?

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A double sampling plan specifies all of the following EXCEPT:

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A firm is efficient in production, If__________.

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A disadvantage of __________ forecasts is the induction of personal biases.

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A company mostly involved in transportation and shipping costs than construction and land costs is probably part of which of the following industries?

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A firm incurs carrying cost of large stocks of raw materials because of all of the following reasons Except:

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25% chance of demand of 1000 units represent a state of:

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