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MGT613 Final Term Quiz 4


MGT-613 Final Term Quiz 4

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In project management for an activity 2-4, Early start time (ES) and Late start (LS) time is 5.00 and 8.00 respectively. What would be the slack time?

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Operational Efficiency is the key purpose of which of the following?

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Managers should greatly focus on which of the following demand options in aggregate planning process?

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In which of the following systems an item?s inventory is stored at two different locations?

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In exponential smoothing model, ? denotes:

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Mr. Ali purchased a TV set. After a period of a year, the picture quality started deteriorating. He went to the company and complained and the company responded subsequently. Which of the following dimensions of quality would come into play?

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In labor-limited environment, in which resource constraint is the amount of worker available, which of the following is the best option for effective scheduling in a manufacturing firm?

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In multiple workstations scheduling, the priority rule is applied to which kind of given jobs?

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In project network, which of the following denotes the steps which utilizes resources of time and budget?

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Numerous quality improvement strategies exist. Which of the following is not a strategy discussed by the author?

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In Supply chain Management, flexibility refers to all of the following EXCEPT:

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MTBF refers to which of the following?

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Long term relationship with suppliers can be made through which of the following?

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Network activities are used to determine all of the following EXCEPT:

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In project management, most probable length of required time for the completion of a project is known as:

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Just in Time system maintains inventory with which of the following lot size/sizes?

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In supply chain management event-management capability enables organization in which of the following ways?

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Kanban is Japanese word which means which of the following?

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In the environment where material flow is complex and demand is highly variable, which of the following system will NOT be feasible?

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In production planning, future requirement for finished goods can be derived from all of the following EXCEPT:

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In the lobby of a bank, each service channel has its own waiting line, customers wait until the server of their line serve them presents an example of which of the following?

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In supply chain management Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Bar coding is a characteristic of which of the following?

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Most inventory models aim at minimizing which of the following?

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Operations manager is responsible for all of the following except:

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In which one of the following situations, the use of a decision tree is required instead of a payoff table?

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