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MGT613 Final Term Quiz 5


MGT-613 Final Term Quiz 5

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The formula to calculate breakeven quantity is:

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Scheduling is a function of which of the following?

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Scheduling of materials is the primary focus of which of the following systems?

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Select the appropriate term for the total demand derived from all parent production plans from the following options.

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Perpetual system of inventory management is also known as which of the following?

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Tasks are easily scheduled in which of the following production environments?

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Technique for fitting a line to a set of points is called ____________.

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Queuing analysis aims to minimize which of the given costs?

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The basic requirement of effective inventory control used by managers is:

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Order-point or re-order level inventory control is used for:

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SIM cards are trimmed diagonally from upper left corner to guide the card correctly into its position. For what purpose this feature in consumer product design is incorporated?

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The cost of a particular plan for a given period can be computed by using which one of the following expressions?

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Source of input to the service system in waiting line model is known as:

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Requirement Planning (MRP) system?

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Sub-levels or group of similar activities in a project is called as which of the following?

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Run time for the economic run size is a function of which of the following?

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Planning (MRP) systems?

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Successful project management includes all of the following factors EXCEPT:

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Tactical issues in supply chain management include which of the following?

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Reducing lot sizes and setup times in Just-In-Time systems will give which of the following results?

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Organizations can gain a competitive edge by which of the following processes?

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Product life cycle is based on which of the following components?

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The focus of ___________ is customer satisfaction by incorporating quality into all phases of the organization.

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Product life cycle is based on which of the following components?

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Technology has impacted the work place by:

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