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MGT613 Final Term Quiz 6


MGT-613 Final Term Quiz 6

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The optimal order quantity shows a trade-off between which one of the following sets of costs?

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The management of systems or processes that creates goods and provides services is known as:

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The production schedules of components that are needed to support the master production schedule are determined through which of the following?

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Transactions like canceling orders, rejecting shipments, stock returns and receiving scheduled receipts are sources of data for which of the following?

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The operating characteristic (OC) curve shows the probability of which of the following?

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The management of a firm while implementing Just-In-Time system joined hands together with labor and engineering to form a team to correct problems. It presents an example of which of the following?

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The Strategies which are more focused on maintaining or improving the quality of an organization?s products or services are known as:

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What does a product structure tree denote?

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The four "costs of quality" include all of the following except:

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The graph which measures the probability of accepting a lot for different quality levels with a specific sampling plan is termed as which of the following?

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Transportation method helps in solving which of the following problems?

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Today the focus of Operations Management is NOT on functions but on which of the following options?

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Time production systems?

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The purpose of _________ is to avoid having one or a few employees stuck in monotonous jobs.

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The managers who primarily focus on product simplification, quality training to employees and maintenances are practicing which of the following?

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The major inputs to an MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system include all of the following EXCEPT:

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The type of processing structure that is used for producing discrete products at higher volume is:

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The popular "seven tools of quality control" include all of the following except:

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The sources of competitive advantage include:

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What is the incremental holding cost for additional 2 days?

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Training program and quality audits come under which type of costs that an organization has to bear as cost of service quality?

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The quality guru Kaoru Ishikawa is famous for:

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The well-known Deming wheel is also referred to as:

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The short-run for a company is:

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The record of required materials, equipment time and staff to provide a service can be obtained from which of the following?

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