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Oral Pathology and Medicine Quiz 14


Oral Pathology and Medicine Quiz 14

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Leukoplakia with the worst prognosis is seen on the_____________?

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Sialolith in the excretory duct, will result in______________?

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Which tooth in the permanent dentition is the most susceptible to dental caries ?

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The inheritance pattern of dentinogensis imperfecta is______________?

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The most common bone tumor that occurs in children is_____________?

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A 40 year old woman report with the complaint of burning sensation in the mouth. Clinical examination reveals lesions consisting of radiating white striations in a retiform arrangement affecting buccal mucosa, tongue, lips & gingiva bilaterally. An incisional biopsy is suggestive of lichen planus. The following are different clinical forms of lichen planus except:

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Steven-Johnson syndrome involves:____________?

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Which of the following is related to an enzyme deficiency and involves periodontal destruction around primary teeth______________?

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The histopathology of osteopetrosis shows_______________?

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Xeroderma pigmentosum is characterized by:___________?

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Antischkow cells are present in all of the following conditions except_____________?

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A 20yr old patient reports with multiple swelling of the jaws. Clinical examination reveals multiple hard swellings involving the jaws and intra orally several missing teeth are noticed. Panoramic radiograph reveals multiple radio opaque lesions in the maxilla and the mandible with multiple impacted teeth and supernumerary teeth indicative of Gardeners syndrome: The above mentioned condition is______________?

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Intra-epithelial bulla are found in:__________?

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Steroids are indicated in all of the following conditions except______________?

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A hair on end appearance of the skull is seen in all of the following except_____________?

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Normal serum, Ca nd alkaline PO4 are in________________?

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Precancerous potential in plummer-vinson?s syndrome may be due to change in the epithelium like_____________?

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Mucocutaneous circumoral pigmentation is found in_____________?

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An acute apical abscess is usually a result of:__________?

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Osteosclerosis of bone occurs due to______________?

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Hairy tongue is characterized by____________?

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The attachment of the Actinomyces species to the tooth surface is facilitated by____________?

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All of the following malignancies metastasize except____________?

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Macrodontia is associated with______________?

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Increased incidence of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin is due to all except____________?

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The cyst which is found within the bone at the junction of teh globular process, the lateral nasal process & maxillary process is______________?

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Which of the following is not a type of leukoplakia______________?

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In a patient with reduced salivary flow the carious incidence is_______________?

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The tissue of which lesion has been described as resembling a blood sponge with large pores_____________?

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Bismuth intoxication is manifested as______________?

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The corrct order of microscopic zones of dentinal caries starting from the D.E junction is_______________?

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Inflammation of the dorsal root ganglion and vesicular eruption of the skin and mucous membrane in area supplied by a sensory nerve that is affected in characteristic of_____________?

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Trigeminal heuralgia (tic doulourex) is characterized by______________?

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The earliest response of pulpitis is:__________?

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A 60 year old has got severe bulla and target lesion Which erythema around halo and genital lesions:_____________?

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Aplastic anaemia is common with_____________?

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Most common tumor of parotid gland is______________?

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A patient complains of loss of visual acuity, deafness and enlargement of maxilla_______________?

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Which of the following may be a feature of acromegaly ?

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Primary lesion in lichen planus is:___________?

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Petechial hemorrhage is seen in________________?

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Chediak- Higashi syndrome is inherited as_________________?

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Erythroblastosis fetalis can be prevented if the mother is injected at parturition, with an antibody called_____________?

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Precocious puberty is most characteristic of which of the following ?

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Low grade infection which leads to localized periosteal reaction is:____________?

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Eighty percent of all salivary stones occur in___________?

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Compound odontoma shows:______________?

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Which of the following is the most likely (among them) to turn malignant ?

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On clinical examination a 60 years old female had a tumor in the right buccal mucosa. The size of the tumor was about 2 cm in diameter. There was no involvement of regional lymph nodes and also had no distant metastasis The TNM stage of the tumor is____________?

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Grinspan syndrome is associated with:___________?

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