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Process Control and Instrumentation Quiz 5


Process Control and Instrumentation Quiz 5

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The transfer function of a second order system is _______?

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Thermistors which have a very high temperature co-efficient of resistivity belong to the class of solid called_________?

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The unit step response of the transfer function 1/(s2 + 2s + 3) _________?

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Vapour actuated pressure spring thermometer does not require ambient temperature compensation. Ambient temperature compensation is provided in gas or liquid expansion pressure spring thermometer by___________?

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The second order system with the transfer function 4/(s2 + 2s + 4) has a damping ratio of _____?

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What is the dynamic error in a critically damped second order instrument for a ramp input (At) ?

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The operation of a Rotameter is based on _________?

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Thermal conductivity measurement com-prises the working principle of a__________?

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Thermal wells used in temperature measurements should have ___________?

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Thermodynamic Celsius scale of temperature measurement is_________?

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What is the Laplace transform of impulse input having magnitude ?X? ?

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Water is entering a storage tank at a temperature T0 and flow rate Q0 and leaving at a flow rate Q and temperature T. There are negligible heat losses in the tank. The area of cross-section of the tank is A0. The model that describes the dynamic variation of temperature of water in the tank with time is given as_________?

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The open loop transfer function of a control system is KR/(1 + TS). This represents _______?

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The term analogous to voltage in a single tank system is the________?

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The root locus plot of the roots of the characteristics equation of a closed loop system having the open loop transfer function K (s + 1)/[2 (2s + 1) (3s + 1)] will have a definite number of loci for variation of K from 0 to ?. The number of loci is________?

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The transfer function of a first order system is_______?

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Very low pressure is expressed in microns (?), which is equal to _____ mm of Hg column (absolute) at 0?C?

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Thermal conductivity cell is the primary element of a/an ______ analyser?

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Thermocouple is suitable for measuring__________?

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Volumetric expansion is the working principle of the _______ thermometers?

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The time constant of a first order process with resistance R and capacitance C is___________?

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Thermal conductivity based continuous flue gas analyser makes use of varying thermal conductivity of the constituents of flue gases. Which of the following constituents of flue gases has the maximum thermal conductivity ?

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The time taken for a radioactive element to reduce to 50% of its original weight is ______ years, if its half life period is 12 years?

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Thermistors are used in _____ devices?

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The time constant of a unity gain, first order plus time delay process is 5 min. If the phase lag at a frequency of 0.2 rad/min is 60?, then the dead time (in minutes) is_________?

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The root locus method, a pole of a transfer function G(s) is the value of s for which G(s) approaches _____?

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The unit step response of the transfer function (2s ? 1)/[(3s + 1) (4s + 1)] reaches its final steady state asymptotically after ______?

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The transfer function for a PID controller is (where, ? i is the integral (reset) time and ?D is the derivative time.) ?

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The temperature of tempering oil baths maintained at 400?C during heat treatment of steel is measured by a/an ______ thermocouple?

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Thermal conductivity measurement is used for the determination of_________?

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Thermal well made of ______ gives the fastest speed of response, while measuring temperature by thermocouples?

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Water is flowing through a series of four tanks and getting heated as shown in figure. It is desired to design a cascade control scheme for controlling the temperature of water leaving the tank 4 as there is a disturbance in the temperature of a second stream entering the tank 2. Select the best place to take the secondary measurement for the second loop?

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The pressure sensing element of elastic type pressure gauge is never made in the form of a__________?

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Use of I-control along with P-control facilitates ?

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The unit of ?time constant? of a system is the same as that of_____?

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The response of two tanks of same size and resistance in series is ___________?

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Time constant is the ___________?

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Turbine flow meters are suitable for__________?

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To increase the speed of response of a pressure spring liquid or gas expansion thermometer, the clearance space between the thermometer bulb and the thermal well should not be filled with _________?

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The transfer function for a P-D controller is_________?

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Thermocouple in a thermal well behaves as a true _________?

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Thermistors are made of___________?

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The offset introduced by proportional controller with gain Kc in response of first order system can be reduced by ______?

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Thermal wells are used in the temperature measurement to______?

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Thermistor, which has high temperature co-efficient of resistivity, is used as the sensing element in resistance thermometer. It is a/an ?

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The open loop transfer function of a process is K [{(s + 1) (s + 4)}/{(s + 2) (s + 3)}]. In the root locus diagram, the poles will be at _____?

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The term analogous to the electrical current in a thermal system is the__________?

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The thermal emf-temperature relationship of most thermocouples is__________?

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Transfer function of transportation lag is_____?

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The transfer function for an ideal proportional plus reset controller (reset time T) is________?

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