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Process Equipment and Plant Design Quiz 1


Process Equipment and Plant Design Quiz 1

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1.2 to 3.8 cms is the value of the ________?

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At the following point for a given packing and set of fluids, the pressure drop per metre of packed height, with variation in fluid rates and operating pressure______?

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A/an ________ is used for changing the direction of a pipeline?

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(Le/D) for a Tee (used as elbow, entering branch) would be ______?

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A riveted joint does not fail by _______ of rivets?

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A ?rupture disc? is provided in chemical equipments as an accessory meant for _____?

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(Le/D) for fully open globe value may be around___________?

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_____ head is the most economical for cylindrical vessels designed for operating at high pressure (> 15 atm.)?

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A shell may by termed as thin if its thickness to diameter ratio is less than 0.1. The factor which can be neglected in the calculation of membrane stresses is_________?

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A single pass air heater is connected to a two pass unit. For the air flow rate and other conditions remaining the same, the film heat transfer co-efficient for air will vary in the ratio of__________?

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A forced circulation long tube vertical evaporator as compared to the natural circulation evaporator___________?

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(Le/D) for a Tee (used as elbow, entering run) would be around _________?

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______ dished head is the strongest of all?

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Baffle spacing is generally __________ the I.D. of the shell ?

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_________ liquor is best handled in a long tube vertical evaporator ?

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A pipe is generally made of circular cross-section, because a circular cross-section has the______?

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A head comprises of straight flange section, corner torus, section and central dished section. Crown radius and knuckle radius in a head is related respectively to the___________?

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A minimum clearance of about ________ mm is maintained between the distillation column wall and the bubble cap?

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Baffle width is normally taken as _______ times the tank diameter?

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?A claming section? before the liquid flows into the downcomer is provided to___________?

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An adequate clearance between the tray and the shell wall of a distillation column is provided to_______?

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________ shaped roof is most commonly used for cylindrical tanks ?

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A cylindrical storage tank can have a self supported conical roof ?

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An under-designed steam trap will_____?

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_______ closure is the weakest enclosure for cylindrical vessels?

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A pressure vessel is said to be made of ?thick? shell, if the ratio of its diameter to wall thickness is________?

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Angled baffles are preferred in the agitation tank to control the swirling action; if the viscosity of the liquid to be mixed is about 200 poise. However, the baffle may be completely eliminated for mixing liquids having viscosity above ______ poise?

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_______ tray arrangement is recommended for distillation column having diameter upto 4 ft ?

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A high vapour velocity is required for high plate efficiency in a sieve plate column. The satisfactory value of operating vapor velocity for design purpose in sieve plate column is about ________ percent of the flooding velocity?

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_____ is the determining factor for the number of bubble caps to be used per tray?

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At equal mass velocities, the values of film co-efficients for gases as compared to that for liquids are generally ?

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Baffles are provided in a shell and tube heat exchanger to increase the turbulence and velocity of the shell side fluid. Which of the following shaped baffles does not fall in the category of transverse baffle ?

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Accidents in chemical plants are mostly due to_____?

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______ shaped roof is the most commonly used roof for cylindrical storage tanks?

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_______ of water makes it a widely used coolant in heat exchangers?

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______ strain is measured using a ?strain rosetter? ?

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A binary liquid Azeotropic mixture has boiling point lower than either of the components, when it shows ______ deviation from Raoult?s Law?

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A certain pressure vessel manufacturer avoids doing reinforcements calculations for openings by always providing a reinforcing pad extending upto double the diameter of the opening and of the same material and thickness as that of the shell wall. If area compensation is accepted as a code guideline, his approach leads to safe design______?

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(Le/D) for fully open gate valves would be ___________?

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A stuffing box is used for______?

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An increase in the liquid resistance to interphase mass transfer and a resultant reduction in plate efficiency is caused by_______?

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Back-trapping in a distillation column results due to__________?

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A cylindrical pressure vessel of volume 6 ?m3 has to be designed to withstand a maximum internal pressure of 10 atm. The allowable design stress of the material is 125N/mm2 and corrosion allowance is 2 mm. The thickness of the vessel for a length/diameter ratio of 3 will be close to_________?

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A perforated plate has holes of diameter dn arranged in a pitch ph. Each hole has a tube of I.D. dt passing through it. The ligament efficiency is given by________?

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______ heat exchanger is also known as ?hair pin type? exchanger?

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25 per cent cut segmental baffle means that the baffle___________?

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Apex angle of conical heads used in the bottom heads of chemical process equipments is usually___________?

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A binary liquid Azeotropic mixture has boiling point higher than either of the components, when it shows _______ deviation from Raoult?s Law?

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(Le/D) for couplings and unions would be________?

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Any shell opening greater than 5 cms for a storage tank must be reinforced for reason of ______?

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