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Process Equipment and Plant Design Quiz 2


Process Equipment and Plant Design Quiz 2

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Fouling factor must be included in the calculation of overall design heat transfer coefficient, when the liquid___________?

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Corrosion allowance in the design of pressure vessel/chemical equipment is not necessary, if_____?

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Cylindrical shell thickness of rotary drier is generally ________ mm?

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Equivalent diameter for heat transfer calculation for a duct of square cross-section having each side as ?d? will be___________?

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For a cylindrical shell, (subject to the thickness of uppermost course being more than the minimum for dia of the tank in question), the thickness of the courses of shell__________?

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Generally, elliptical dished heads______?

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Heat transfer co-efficient for a horizontal condenser as compared to a vertical condenser operating under similar conditions is________?

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For turbulent flow (NRe > 2100) of low viscosity fluid (? > 20cp) in steel pipes, the optimum inside pipe diameter is given by(where, Q = fluid flow rate, ft3/sec, ? = fluid density, lb/ft3 ? = fluid viscosity, centipoise Di = optimum inside pipe diameter, inches) ?

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Frame thickness in the plate and frame filter press is normally in the range of _______ inches?

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Diameter of bubble caps used in high pressure columns is _______ as compared to that used in identical vacuum columns?

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Circumferential (hoop) stress in a thin cylindrical vessel under internal pressure is ______ the longitudinal stress?

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For identical operating conditions, the pressure drop over ________ tray is the highest out of the following?

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For a given design of bubble cap, the number of bubble caps to be used per tray is set by the __________?

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For annular flow of a fluid, the ratio of the equivalent diameter for pressure drop calculation to the equivalent diameter for heat transfer calculation is__________?

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For turbine agitator, the impeller diameter is about__________?

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For a 25 mm hole drilled in plates to be riveted, the shank diameter of the rivet should be ________ mm?

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Baffles may be eliminated for__________?

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For a cylindrical vessel of moderate height, the weld joint efficiency for joints parallel to the cylindrical axis is given as 1.0; while for joints along the girth (circumference) it is given as 0.8. In calculating the shell wall thickness using code formula for an internally pressurised cylindrical vessel, what value of weld joint efficiency should be used ?

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Commercial packed scrubbers are normally designed for a pressure drop range of _______ mm water column per metre of packed height?

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Generally, no corrosion allowance in wall thickness of a part is required, if the thickness is more than _______ mm?

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For pipe flows, head is proportional to _______ at constant capacity (where D = pipe diameter) ?

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Column support for the roof of cylindrical storage tank must be provided for_____?

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Generally, as the length of the liquid path on a tray is increased beyond 5 ft, the overall column efficiency_____?

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Elastic failure of a material occurs, when the tensile stress equals yield strength, yield point or the elastic limit. Also, the elastic failure occurs according to maximum strain theory, when the maximum tensile strain equals (where, ? = yield strength and E = modulus of elasticity) ?

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For a given fluid, as the pipe diameter increases, the pumping cost ______?

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Bubble cap tray is the most commonly used tray in large distillation column, because_______?

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Factor of safety (i.e., overdesign factor) in heat transfer equipments is about ______ percent more than the actual/theoretical design factor?

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For high pressure process equipments/vessels, the connected nozzle should be______?

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Fresh water carrying pipelines in chemical industries are coloured with ________ color?

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Diameter of rivet hole (d, mm) and the plate thickness (t, mm) are related by Unwin?s formula as_____?

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For a cylindrical internally pressurised vessel, which of the following closure types would withstand highest pressure, if each closure is of the same material and thickness ?

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Cylindrical storage tanks used for the storage of volatile liquids (e.g., naphtha) have _______ roofs?

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For laminar flow (NRe < 2100) in steel pipe, the optimum inside pipe diameter is given by______?

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Heat transfer co-efficient, hG(Kcal/hr.m2 .?C) and mass velocity of air, G (kg/hr.m2 ) for air flow parallel to the surface in case of constant drying rate in batch drying is related as hG = 0.0176G0.8. But when the flow of air perpendicular to the surface is encountered, this equation changes to ______?

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Bubble cap diameter used for the distillation column having diameter ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 metres is about _______ mm?

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For given number of passes, pitch & tube diameter, the maximum number of tubes that can be accommodated in a shell of tripled inside diameter will be _____ times?

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Bubble cap plate column is_____?

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Diameter of the sieve tray column is determined by the__________?

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Filtration rate is affected by the_________?

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Cooling water fouling factors vary in the range of 0.001 to 0.003______?

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For identical situation, condensing film coefficient in case of a horizontal condenser is almost _______ the value expected in case of vertical condenser?

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Correct use of ?factor of safety? is very important in equipment design. It is defined as the ratio of the_____?

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Cylindrical pressure vessels in horizontal condition is generally supported on a _________ support?

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Friction factor for turbulent flow in a new pipe is given by______?

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Brass valves are usually made for pipe sizes _______ inches?

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Excessive liquid gradient on a tray may result in the________?

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Floating head heat exchangers are used for the______?

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For storing hazardous chemicals in large storage tanks, the minimum safe distance between the two tanks should range between ________ times the tank diameter?

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Hazards associated with the relief valve leakage for extremely hazardous material storage can be taken care of by providing_____?

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Flanges are connected to pipes by _________?

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